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    The 85 Bears

    Will live forever in Chicago. This franchise is what it has been since that SB, and today proved it. Have a good rest of the year, at least today took the pressure off everyone that was hoping this team would make the playoffs. Especially the ones thinking this team could contend for a first...
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    Culture Change Is Needed

    If this game does not signal the end of the John Fox era, then nothing will. Winnable game, players have no clue how to win. Points to the entire coaching staff.
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    Wasn't This Nice To See

    After Jeffery catches the TD, he runs up to the fans and hands the ball to a kid.......really nice to see that type of class act instead of some dope jumping up into the fans so that all the home town boys can have a grab at his junk.
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    Two things from today

    After watching this hapless excuse of a football franchise operate today I have concluded these two things. 1. This team has no foundation to build on going forward, it has no talent any where on the filed. You can throw what ever name you want at me, they are guys who would not start on 90% of...
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    Are the people that write for yahoo this much of a joke???

    The Saints and Lions fan bases are more passionate about their teams than Chicago fans. hope the link works....if not copy and paste, or maybe some member of an un-passionate fan base would be kind enough to...
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    Robbie Gould on the SCORE

    Just threw Trestman under the bus Said all the crap that has been going on with players and coaches talking out side the locker room is not the Bears way, would not happen under Lovie. The shit is going to come out after next Sundays game.
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    For the people that have backed this team

    And especially the ones who have attacked other posters who call out this shit team on a regular basis, even when they beat a team that drops 8 passes in order for them to're all getting exactly what you deserve today, and what you will get the rest of the year for backing this...
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    When Will The Bears Build A Stadium

    So that the fans can make noise and not let the other teams offense think straight....will it ever happen
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    is there one on this roster?
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    Special Teams

    Tonight all the focus and talk has been on the defense, and rightfully so, but make no mistake about it, the special teams is horrible.
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    The real issue with the Chicago Bears.....long read.

    We can sit here and blame players, coaches, GM's owners, but the bottom line is, in 1986 the Bears started making moves, like allowing Michael to be the GM, letting guys like Marshall walk, making an announcement of a new HC (McGinnis) and he turns around the next day and never takes the job...
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    With ALL the CRAP

    I have dished out to certain players, a few coaches, and some of the posters on here, today that all goes to the back seat GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Green and Bostic

    They are killing this defense. They are the main reason the defense is struggling, when a d-line man is making the tackels on running plays 5 yrs past the LOS and the LB is no where to be found, it is a BIG problem.
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    will singletary be our next d corr

    just a thought now that marinelli is gone
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    The McCaskey's are now the McCaskey's

    They are no longer the McStupids, thanks to George McCaskey and what I now believe is his desire to make the Bears a real NFL team. The HC hire will be on the GM, not Teddy and his search team, thanks to George and his belief that a football guy needs to finally run this team. The new HC will...
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    Brandon Marshall

    I normally don't swear...but What a FUCKING STEAL he has been!!!
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    This proves that Lovie thinks we as fans are idiots

    No more then 10 minutes ago in his presser Lovie said that this past game was not a must win, but the next one is. Are you serious Lovie, if you win the last game and the next two, you control your own destiny to obtain ther goals you set for your team. Now you need help from others to achive...
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    The Lovie myth is BS

    We hear that he is this "player coach", that players like to play for him. So does this mean that the Packer players plays less for thier coach, or the Vikings players play less for theirs? Maybe players play hard becasue they really like the money, and the ones that are not coddled, like Lovies...
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    I did not expect anything less then what I just watched

    From a lovie smith coached team. big game, a for sure loss. And I am cool with it. Not pissed at all. 3 more to suffer through and he is gone. That is my SB win for the year.
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    It's about TIME!!!

    As I said in previous threads, I was over the top excited when it was announced that Cutler was coming here, but I am now starting to lose confidence in his ability to be the SB QB I was having fantasies about. HOWEVER, Cutler did something in his press conference that I have been waiting for...