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  1. Willis1524

    CCS Bears Jersey giveaway (DONATORS ONLY)

    Id say either Urlacher or Curtis Conway.
  2. Willis1524

    Playoff Mitch

    That’s your opinion. It may be true it may not be. Let’s see Nagy develop one player before we just blame it all on Mitch. Nagy may just suck at being a coach, and rode Andy Reid’s coat tails to a head coaching job. That is also possible. It wouldn’t be the first time, or the last.
  3. Willis1524

    Playoff Mitch

    No? I wasn’t saying that either but rock on. If Mitch leaves the Bears and blows up on the Packers, I’d say the fault lies more with the Bears coaching staff than with Mitch.
  4. Willis1524

    Playoff Mitch

    Not disagreeing with that. Your last post was implying something else. That’s why I asked if it was sarcasm.
  5. Willis1524

    Playoff Mitch

    Is this sarcasm? I can’t tell anymore. Pretty sure he meant the fans boing and shit are going to make the Bears move on. Not Mitch being sensitive.
  6. Willis1524

    Question about Chicago

    I don’t want to say money’s not an issue, because I’m not loaded by any means, but we are gonna be there for a day and a half and I want to squeeze in what I can. We are mid 30s, and pretty much open to eating any food. My wife loves Japanese so we will make sure we hit that place up for sure.
  7. Willis1524

    Question about Chicago

    My wife and I will be making our first trip to Chicago in February. Any opinions on The River hotel? We also planned on eating at Ditkas restaurant, and a tour of soldier field. Is there anywhere else you’d recommend to eat or see? Thanks.
  8. Willis1524


    Missed the facemasks, called the “illegal block in the back”. Ya sure.
  9. Willis1524

    Bears playoff run begins

    I think I’ve heard this exact same mentality about the Cowboys for about 10 years. Spoiler, but they don’t get back on track.
  10. Willis1524

    Kirk Cousins is NOW 0-8 on MNF

    I see the help actually happening though. It’s the winning out that is unlikely.
  11. Willis1524

    Clip of that helmet shot Trubisky took

    If you’re trolling this makes sense. If not you’re an idiot, and I don’t use that word often on here. You can pretty much NEVER hit a QB in the head. Don’t act like this is something new. Roughing the passer calls are typically “err on the side of penalty”. This was a missed call 100%.
  12. Willis1524

    340 Yards & 3 TDs. Trubisky The Goat

    You’re picking a bad game to dig your head into the sand on. He played well today, wait until a different game to be critical of him.
  13. Willis1524

    Can We Make .500 This Thursday?

    I see the Vikings losing to the Seahawks, and possibly the Packers. Those are realistic. That would require the Bears win out to make it though. I just don’t see it. I hope I’m wrong though.
  14. Willis1524

    ***OFFICIAL*** NFL Week 12 IGT (@Grimson Be Slipping Edition)

    #notbadforaRB. That was an awesome sign in the crowd.
  15. Willis1524

    Braunecker And Gabriel concussions

    How did Shaheen get hurt while deactivated!? Fall off the bench?
  16. Willis1524

    Trubisky Calls Out Offense After Win

    The way I see it, barring some hallmark Christmas movie type miracle, there is zero reason for Trubisky to be the unquestioned starter or cut next season. They should bring in a QB to compete next season, and draft one. Worst case Trubisky is a backup for one year.
  17. Willis1524

    Is it possible? Bears 4-0, Min 2-2 over next 4?

    This is what I see as well. As to the OP, yes it is possible. It’s just very unlikely that the Bears win out. I could see Minn losing those games you have them losing, but I doubt the Bears beat the Pack and the Chiefs.
  18. Willis1524

    Trubisky Calls Out Offense After Win

    Same “scheme”, yet Howard fits it fine in Philly but not here? Seems like the Bears got the worst of the coaches running that scheme. Sometimes I think Nagy doesn’t even know what he’s trying to do. Granted it might look better with a better QB, but I doubt that is gonna fix all that’s wrong...
  19. Willis1524

    From Olin......look at this play from Mitch

    Maybe he meant never improve with the same team? Idk. Nagy doesn’t seem to have “it” to me.