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    The Juan Castillo Magic OL Pixie Dust

    OL is good in pass protection, better than last year for sure. They continue to be abysmal at run blocking and they lost easily their best run blocking OL in Daniels. We have 2 major holes at the guard positions, which to me explains why Whitehair is struggling. Leno is continuing his...
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    GB totorched the NFL: ***** OFFICIAL Aaron Rodgers is a Bitch IGT*****

    Rodgers is getting destroyed back there.
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    GB totorched the NFL: ***** OFFICIAL Aaron Rodgers is a Bitch IGT*****

    Rodgers was this close to giving up back to back pick sixes.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Panthers (Devil in the Freakin' Details Edition)

    How the fuck is this team 5-1?
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    Breaking: Bears should consider playing without a QB

    Problem isn't the RB's. The problem is the OL can't run block for shit.
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    Big Dick Nick does it again

    Well if that's what you stated before, then I'm sure most would be fine with it. But you said he was the "player that sucked the most in the game", which is 100% false.
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    Breaking: Bears should consider playing without a QB

    I don't know if you watched us attempt to run the ball the last few weeks, but one thing was apparent. We can't.
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    Big Dick Nick does it again

    What game were you watching? The player that sucked most of the game wasn't Foles. I'd say you could pick one or a couple of the OL and they'd be a prime candidate. Foles was sacked three times and we ran for a whopping 35 yards on 14 carries (2.5 YPC). This team can't run to save it's life...
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    Big Dick Nick does it again

    No. They won in spite of garbage play calling and a non-existent running game. The one pick that Foles threw was due to Robinson's error, and the Bears can't run block to save their lives. And Nagy's play calling, particularly to start both halves....just what is he on?
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    If Foles beats Tampa, I’ll bark like a dog

    If you're a good dog, we'll give you a treat.
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    No chance against Colts.

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    Available RBs?

    Of course right as he signs a multi-year deal he gets hurt for the season...
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Giants at Bears (Home opener)

    Maybe next week we'll finally see them put it all together for 4 quarters. Knowing us, they will do just that...and play 4 quarters of shit instead of just 2 or 3.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Giants at Bears (Home opener)

    3rd and 10 Fourth times the charm...
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Giants at Bears (Home opener)

    Nothing has changed. We're still struggling with the worst teams in the league. Had to miracle comeback against the Lions and even then we needed a giftwrapped drop at the end of the game to avoid losing. Now we have to hope the defense can hold against a Barkley/Shepard-less Giants offense...
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    Should the Redskins change their name

    It's not covertly racist either. The Blackhawks organization has a long-standing relationship with several local Native American tribes to assure the name and logo are on good terms. The name actually originally derives from original Hawks owner, Frederick McLaughlin, who served as a commander...
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    ESPN ranks Robert Quinn as one of NFL's biggest offseason upgrades

    Bears defense was the best in the league last year dismissing all the injuries. If healthy, they just went from great to borderline illegal.
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    ESPN- Bears 2nd worst offseason

    I'm not a fan of the contract, but I do like the Graham signing. Those comparing it to Glennon are delirious. You only have 1 QB on the field, but the Bears run an offense that prominently runs a lot of double tight end formations. Need more than just Kmet and Shaheen (who at this point, can't...
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    ***NFL TO VOTE*** Offering Teams Draft Compensation For Hiring Minority HCs & GMs

    The Bulls did the opposite. They fired their puppets and put in 2 guys who have shown to be halfway competent at their jobs.