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  1. Omeletpants

    What an odd combo

    No, not HHM and Leomaz having sex togther, but this song with Frampton, Doobie Brothers doing a Clapton classic
  2. Omeletpants

    Crazy jobs

    While going to college I worked for the world famous Good Humor ice cream company on Cicero and Arthington on the murderous west side of Chicago. This was the distribution facility where ice cream trucks were loaded with product and driver then drove to their territories to serve your children...
  3. Omeletpants

    I would still fire

    Fuking Ryn Pace
  4. Omeletpants

    Peyton Manning sporting 6 pack

    Peyton is the GOAT
  5. Omeletpants

    Don't ask me how

    -Bryant gone -50/50 on Theo staying -Hoyer is not a candidate to replace Theo -Rizzo to be resigned -Schwarber gone -Players and management love Ross That is all
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    Sales jokes

    When a young salesman met his untimely end, he was informed that he had a choice about where he would spend his eternity: Heaven or Hell. He was allowed to visit both places, and then make his decision afterwards."I'll see Heaven first," said the salesman, and an angel led through the gates on a...
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    Real Music

    This song can only be described as lush
  8. Omeletpants

    Biggest BLT in the world

    Tony's in Birch Michigan. Check out their Yelp pictures huge amount of food
  9. Omeletpants

    Poor Omelet

    I had a pretty bad accident in the garden Saturday. Landscapers cutting down dead bushes and planting new ones. I stepped on one the the small stumps, tried to catch my balance then stepped on another stump. Rolled down the hill and there is a stump sticking into my knee. Massive bruises and...
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    Most expensive restaurant

  11. Omeletpants

    Talk about a love triangle
  12. Omeletpants


    Are you saying I'm never allowed to post in the B&I forum again? Banned from an entire forum for posting government statistics? Wow
  13. Omeletpants

    How MLB and Union are destroying the uniform
  14. Omeletpants

    OT: Theo Epstein drills 50 yard FG

    Too bad no Bears player can
  15. Omeletpants

    Ommy goes shopping

    So, I went to the Woodmans tonight because I thought it would be less crowded. Was surprised to see some parents and kids walking around with no masks. As I'm walking to the checkout there is a late 20's couple with no masks. She looked a bit skanky and he was obviously an hourly worker with 3...
  16. Omeletpants

    Roosevelt Taylor dies

    One of top 5 Bears CB. A fine player that I enjoyed watching unlike most of you noobs here
  17. Omeletpants

    when I was a kid

    I remember watching the Pirates batting practice at Wrigley. Clemente would stand on the warning track and throw the ball to home plate on the fly
  18. Omeletpants

    OT: Another article on Lovie Smith

    the failure
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  20. Omeletpants

    OT: For all you fatties

    * Mods, take note Marshall Yanda details his post NFL weight loss. Some of you chunkies should pay attention