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  1. Samurai

    Saad Is In Tortorella's Doghouse...Moved To 4th Line

    I don't really think it's Saad's fault as much as it is people in Columbus thinking Johansen is a "great" center...he isn't. It has to be a true nightmare to play for Tortorella...
  2. Samurai

    Report: Samar%$#ia Signed By Giants for 90MM Over 5 Years

    And...the Giants have to give up a 1st rounder. :lmao:
  3. Samurai

    Keith Undergoes Knee Surgery...Out 4-6 Weeks

  4. Samurai

    D Jan Hejda To Have "Tryout" With Hawks

    Could be this years dart board
  5. Samurai

    Decent Article About Panarin...(highlight reel included)
  6. Samurai

    Hockey Writer Gets Canned For Veiled Insinuations Of Hawks Cap Shenanigans

    I don't know if any of you chuckleheads even know about, let alone read, "The Hockey Writers". Yesterday, I had a link on my Yahoo page which read: Patrick Kane's Magically Healing Shoulder Causes Concern I clicked the link to see what the hell that meant, only to find the article was...
  7. Samurai

    Here's Why We're Getting Doc Instead of Strokeface/Fake DJ Voice Kenny in Round II...

    This makes me very happy.
  8. Samurai

    Darling's New Mask

    He's obviously proud to be a Blackhawk, so he decided to honor the city he loves. There's even a Portillo's hotdog on there too. :clap:
  9. Samurai

    Nick Boynton Arrested at Buffalo Casino

    My favorite part was his Alexandre Burrows impression. http://
  10. Samurai

    Da Sox Are On MLB Channel Right Now...3-6 pm. CDT

    Since comcrap and wgn only feel the need to show the cubs, watch 'em where you can.
  11. Samurai

    Why MLB HOF Voting Needs Revising

    I never really cared, nor cared to look deep into how members are chosen, but I thought this piece was interesting...(despite coming from ESPN)
  12. Samurai

    Calgary @ Hawks Final Period Welcome Back Thread

    Fuck last night's anomaly. We'll skip the retroactive Islanders game thread, and get onto the good news... The boys are up 2-1. That's all I've got.
  13. Samurai

    NHL All-Star Fan Vote Page

    I know voting is ghey, but I'd rather watch a huge percentage of our boys than all those kid touchers from the east. :parrot: You can vote 10x per day until Jan. 1
  14. Samurai

    P Chris Bassitt is Giving Away All His Sox Gear on Twitter

    Bear in mind that he's 6'5" 210. All you have to do is retweet his message.
  15. Samurai

    Say Goodbye To The 'Madhouse on Madison' Sign</p>  </p>  </p> WTF?</p>
  16. Samurai

    Bollig & Smith Sign 2 Year Deals

    Hutton, 26, is expected to start for the Rockford IceHogs next year after putting together a spectacular 22-13-4 run last season with a .917 SV% along with a 2.35 GAA. Smith, 23, had his season cut short due to a devastating right hip labral tear and sports hernia. He had surgery on March...
  17. Samurai

    [A] Blackhawks Extend Johnny Oduya

    According to Tracey Myers, the Chicago Blackhawks have officially signed Johnny Oduya to a three-year contract extension. With this addition, this gives the Blackhawks seven defenseman under contract heading into the off-season, barring any trades this will allow the Blackhawks to use the...
  18. Samurai

    I escaped from the "official" wasteland

    I'm not sure if this place is better, worse or similar than the other place. All I know is, I couldn't take it anymore. Looking through the member names, I can see I'm not the only one. We'll give it a fair shot and see what happens.