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    Vote for Yannick!

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    Bears playing like a bunch of idiots At this point, pretty much everyone needs to go. Pace, Nagy, Foles, Trubisky. They’ve all had success in their careers. They’ve been Super Bowl champs, geniuses, hot prospects. And then they came together...
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    Did Robert Quinn play today?

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    End of 1st Half....

    Was the reason we lost this game. Terrible D and terrible clock management once again. F you Nagy
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    4th and 1......what's your play call?

    If you said pitch it 5 yards backwards you might be Matt Nagy
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    Will Nagy be fired up Post-game?

    Hope he's yelling again telling us how good his offense will be once we get the timing down? Clown show
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    Will mising the playoffs get Nagy fired?

    I sure hope so
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    No Respect

    Bears +5.5 at Rams. Have we been favored at all this year? Giants maybe? Let's get the W
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    Dalton looked like trash tonight

    Good miss here. Get on the phone and ship them Moped
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    Official: Trubisky Jersey Goodwill Drive

    Time to put these jerseys to good use. There are plenty of people out there who need these. Donate now to your local Goodwill before they won't even accept them. #BDN2020
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    AR12: Pay da man!

    Hardest working guy on offense. Pay this guy and get it done.
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    Foles should have started Week 1

    Everyone knew Mitch wasn't the guy. Foles needed some time to get in sync. D has played good. We will beat TB Thursday.
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    Thanks Kris Bryant....

    For not taking that $200+ million dollar extension when the Cubs offered. Worked out well for you.
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    Indianapolis -3

    No respect.
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    Coaches to "huddle" on QB decision? What? Lol
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    Bears comebacks

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    Trubisky backers suicide prevention thread

    Check in here. The Moped era is officially OVER. Looking at you @msadows
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    Foles can actually throw a football

    Just need to learn to catch them. RIP Moped Mitch
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    QBs v Atlanta this year

    Wilson 31/35 322yds 4 TD 0 picks. 143.1 rating Prescott 34/47 450yds. 1 TD 0 picks 109.4 rating We can disregard Prescotts 3 rushing TDs for this exercise. What do you think Moped will put up?
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    Offensive Holding calls down 78% 18 total flags. I'd this is the new narrative just hold your ass off I guess