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    Justin Fields

    I have absolutely no faith that Ohio State QBs can successfully make the jump to the pros
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    Michael Lombardi: Belief around the NFL is that Pace's job is safe.

    I don't know the scouting staff hah. I'll just say "yeah" to that and go along. Even with his record in the first round, I think a lot of armchair GMs underrate how hard drafting is. A GM doesn't sit around making mock drafts in his bathrobe, based on a few brief paragraphs read online, with no...
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    Michael Lombardi: Belief around the NFL is that Pace's job is safe.

    I don't have a problem keeping Pace around. I like a lot of his draft picks. But Nagy has to go. I think you gotta extend Pace to 2023 so he isn't a lame duck, and offer a new coach a 3 year contract. Pace gets another chance at QB and HC.
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    Bears make roster move to give their offense more punch.

    Yeah a big bowl of it in the break room. It's mostly vodka with a hilariously small amount of red kool aid mix stirred in.
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    Can the Bears save this season?

    Every game we have in front of us looks to be 100% more difficult to win than it had at the start of the season. I'm not sure there will be much for us to cheer for in that regard. However, I will say this - whether or not we win, every player on the field damn well better be giving it their...
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    Cost of 1 more Win

    Players are losers when they quit on the team. Our dogs are still fighting.
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    Cost of 1 more Win

    The players are going out and giving everything they have to get a W. The players aren't losers.
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    Cost of 1 more Win

    Man I get why you want the team to lose out, but I'm never rooting for a loss. It's just not in me. Losing is infectious, and I don't want losers or quitters on my team.
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    The Problem With Firing Pace

    This is a pitiful offense, but I'll take it over the mess that Terry Shea called an offense. Wait, on second thought, no I wouldn't.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Vikings (Seriously Not Ready In The Slightest For Primetime Edition)

    Fucking right on that TD! But jesus tapdancing christ do I hate that camera angle. We dont see any of the action unfolding. It isnt "dynamic" it's just bad. How would you feel if on offense the camera was trained on the QBs face. You would feel like you're missing all the action!
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    Leonard Floyd

    Gould was a horrible move, Kwit was a questionable move, Floyd was the right move. He wasn't getting better under Fangio and didn't step up for us last year, so he was destined for FA. But what I take issue with is bitching about the Quinn signing. At the time, it was a good move. Just because...
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    Trask is ballin right now

    I think we are in line to take the 4th QB off the board if we go in that direction in Rd 1. I can see the Jets ready to move on and get Lawrence. Jaguars take a QB at #2, and the Patriots pick their QB of the future. I dont see teams moving on from a veteran franchise QB for the fourth or fifth...
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    The Vikings

    (1) They have a rookie WR that is pretty good, but our DBs will make him look like a bitch. (2) Mack is hungry for that sack lunch. He's gonna show up like he did vs Brady (3) Mooney is gonna steal the show There, three reasons that we win that have nothing to do with the vikings being terrible.
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    The Vikings

    Yes. 1) The vikings suck 2) The vikings are terrible 3) Fuck the vikings
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    Clancy Barone TE's Coach on Nagy's Scheme

    Remember when Blache said that "sacks don't matter..." Somehow this feels like the offense version of that.
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    What to do with Allen Robinson?

    Man I want him here. He is one of the few people on this offense that can do something to change the course of the game. I have a feeling he's not back with us next year, which is a sad thing I think. But it's not hard to see why he'd want out of here. Unless we have a new coach and QB next...
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    RUMOR: George McCaskey’s Frustration Mounting With Nagy And Pace

    I don't like firing coaches midseason unless they violate some standard of behavior. Just saying that George being frustrated reminds me of a fussy toddler.
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    RUMOR: George McCaskey’s Frustration Mounting With Nagy And Pace

    Right? Admit to a mistake, make a change, and move forward. The dude has no f'n chest hair. I honestly don't judge the organization harshly on the Pace hire. He was a young guy on the rise from a successful program and came highly recommended. That's exactly what they were looking for. But if...
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    The Bengals put up 31 points on the Titans with a very bad OL

    It takes forever to circumnavigate Spain on foot. Believe me
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    RUMOR: George McCaskey’s Frustration Mounting With Nagy And Pace

    So do something you spineless twat. Jeez normally I try to be a bit more upbeat on here but "frustrated" is a lot of energy to be spent doing nothing. Do something.