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  1. Mdbearz

    O-line vs Vikes?

    I see that Spriggs is off the COVID list Whitehair should be off COVID list in time for Monday, but how is his calf? Mustipher is dealing with a knee Bears brought in Kush, who played for the Bears, and was an average player, and if he plays like an average guard, that would make him the best...
  2. Mdbearz

    I took notes instead of just watching the game

    - We have real Running Backs on this team, and Patterson is not one of them. He avoids contact and his feet stop moving as soon as he does get contact. 4th and 1....WTF this is Highschool shit Nagy - Left side of the O-line is complete garbage, I know we have discussed this to death, but even a...
  3. Mdbearz

    Allen Robinson FULL 2019 Highlights W/ Game Audio - Chicago Bears Highlights Uncut

    Allen Robinson FULL 2019 Highlights W/ Game Audio - Chicago Bears Highlights Uncut I searched to see if this was posted using the entire title and partials, so please feel free to merge if it has been posted. My thoughts from watching this: 1. Robinson is worth every dime, great hands ...
  4. Mdbearz

    Free Agent signings

    For a team with not much cap space we signed quite a few FAs. I realize that a number of these players will not be on the 53, but I was surprised of the number of FAs we picked up, and this does not include the UDFA or Drafted players. Ted Ginn Jimmy Graham Trevor Davis John Jenkins Tashaun...
  5. Mdbearz

    Re-watch 2006 Comeback win over Arizona

    Fans can watch Bears' 2006 comeback victory I have never seen the whole game, I just retired from the Army and was staying with my Brother-in-law. He had no internet or Cable TV, so I listened to it on the radio.... I'm going to watch this and reminisce....
  6. Mdbearz

    Not a single TE caught for more than 100 yards!!

    I was going through one of the thread talking about WR and I wanted to see receiving yards and I came across the fact that not a single TE broke the 100 yard barrier!! It is not like we had a great blocking TE group helping us run the ball. And Nagy's offense is designed around good TE play...
  7. Mdbearz

    Extended time off typically does not help

    I hate to say it, but having 9 days (longer than normal) to prepare has typically not helped Nagy get the team ready. I wonder if Nagy gets into his own head during the extended breaks and tries to get too cute. I am hoping that he does not over think and calls a good game against the Packers...
  8. Mdbearz

    2020 FA QB class is pretty good

    2020 FA QBs Yeah I mentioned it in the Cam Newton Discussion but thought it might not be so crasy to have a FA QB come in next year and use Trubisky as the back-up in his final year. This story above actually has me thinking that the FA Market might not be a bad approach for the Bears. The...
  9. Mdbearz

    James Daniels shotgun snaps

    I did a search and I could not find any comments on how JD is doing with his shotgun snaps. If it was an issue, I'm sure we would have about 20 pages on it, so I have to assume that he is doing well. If he is delivering a spiral snap that is on target, I can only imagine that Mitch would be a...
  10. Mdbearz

    Why no kicking coaches in the NFL? A Mega Industry like the NFL, and week after week we see kickers missing field goals, schanking punts or kicking the ball out of bounds on a kick off. The Bears have struggled to find a good kicker since Robbie...
  11. Mdbearz

    Reason to be pessimistic

    There are a few reasons to be pessimistic about our chances of beating the Packers. - Mack is brand new to the defense, and while his talent could naturally take over, he will be a little rusty and not in "football" shape. - Smith is a rookie and has missed all of camp and all the preseason...
  12. Mdbearz

    The Worst NFL Draft Pick Every Year Since 2000 Guess who the honoree is for 2015? The Worst NFL Draft Pick Every Year Since 2000 November 26, 2017 by SportsDrop 7 Comments 2015: Kevin White, WR, Chicago Bears Kevin White NFL Draft Combine Getty Images...
  13. Mdbearz

    Thank you John Fox!!

    I would like to thank Fox for several things: 1. Showing the front office that a conservative approach to coaching does not win in the NFL. 2. Running an ultra conservative Offense and keeping Trubisky Healthy in the process. 3. Teaching Shaheen to block before you let him touch a single ball...
  14. Mdbearz

    Jeopardy football

    Never have I known every single question of a Jeopardy category, but this panel did not know a single one :) http://
  15. Mdbearz

    Fox set us up

    Seriously, 1. He showed ownership that a conservative old man can not be the answer to our coaching problems - So we got a young Offensive minded coach. 2. He won so few games that we drafted high in every draft- We have the #8 again this year 3. His play calling was so conservative that...
  16. Mdbearz

    WR Competition

    11 Bellamy, Josh WR 6-0 211 27 3 Louisville 83 Braverman, Daniel WR 5-10 185 23 1 Western Michigan 82 Randle, Rueben WR 6-2 208 25 4 LSU 19 Royal, Eddie WR 5-10 190 30 10 Virginia Tech 14 Thompson, Deonte WR 6-0 205 28 4 Florida 10 Wheaton, Markus WR 5-11 189 26 5 Oregon State 13 White...
  17. Mdbearz

    Matt Moore?

    I know it is one game, but he has looked sharp and accurate with the deep pass.
  18. Mdbearz

    Jeffery back from suspension I do not want to be the one that makes a decision on Jeffery this off season. I am eager to see if Barkley and Alshon can get any chemistry going.
  19. Mdbearz

    Jordan Howard suffers possible Achilles injury Fuc$!!! Not that the team was going anywhere, but this is a tough injury if it is torn.