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  1. Starion

    OL Woes Article Obv. more than just Leno.
  2. Starion

    Hoge Puts Refs in Check

    Hoge: Defense matters, so why won’t the NFL let the Bears play? Pretty well said IMHO.
  3. Starion

    WCG - Was Hope for an Average Offense Just Foles Gold?

    Read here: Game Notes: Was hope for an average offense just Foles gold? Offense, Defense, ST, etc. Pulls no punches at Nagy & Bears org. Can't say I disagree with much. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Starion

    Long taking it to Nagy - Ted Larson jumps in

    Good job Kyle. Somebody needs to hold them accountable. Bears HC Matt Nagy Mocked By His Former Players After Loss
  5. Starion

    Should FF have IR or Covid spots??

    A little late, but argument has come up in my 12 team (3 keeper) $$ league. Most want to have 1-2 IR spots and/or a Covid spot of some/any sort. Currently there are NONE, and only 5 Bench spots with 3 WRs active. Seems a bit limited to me, and all research I'm finding alludes to 1-2 IR spots...
  6. Starion

    5Dimes betting site shut down

    I just found out via an email from them supposedly claiming to be re-entering the scene legally in the near future. Good thing nothing substantial beyond some cheapo futures. Kiss anything you might've had with them goodbye Now reading some crazy things about the owner being kidnapped...
  7. Starion

    Review of Bears Defense (good & bad) - by IND media

    2020 Opponent Scouting Report: Bears Defense, will this weekend be Chuck Pagano’s revenge? Nevermind the title about stupid Pagano revenge narrative. That's only tiny part. Dives into each position in great detail, highlighting weaknesses. Probably downplays strengths a bit too (as IND does...
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    Who's activate from Practice Squad vs. DET?

    Per rules, up to 2 practice squad players can dress each week, turning normal 53 into 55 active. 2020 NFL practice squad rules: Everything you need to know Do we know yet who that'll be? If not, when is this announced? I wouldn't mind seeing Artavis Pierce activated & D Mont rested a bit...
  9. Starion

    CCS Unofficial Last Min Free Yahoo League - Draft Tues @8:30p ET

    First 10 are in. No money - no BS fun league. Live Draft Tues night (Sept 8) @ 8:30p ET on Yahoo FF. Standard Half PPR. 10 teams. Main thread to join: CCS Unofficial Last Min Free Yahoo League - Join now - Draft Tues @8:30p ET
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    DELETE - last min FF no go

    CANCELLED. Delete thread please. Anybody interested? First 10 are in. No money - no BS shits & giggles league. Live Draft Tues night (Sept 8) @ 8:30p ET on Yahoo FF. Standard Half PPR. 10 teams.
  11. Starion

    Bears home games even more of an advantage without fans

    Could be an article title - whether a real sports rag, or the Onion. 😃 Did it ever get any better from our fans keeping quiet vs. cheering their lungs out when the offense is in the red zone? I've not been to Soldier for a couple years but remember Cutler calling them out about it & was fairly...
  12. Starion

    (Unofficial) Best Meme / Gif Thread

    Because months without sports blows. Let's have some fun. Anti-Packers; Bears win; Cutty smokin'; shit on other teams you hate; whatever CCS rules allow; hell - any fun football meme let 'em fly.... Typical Packer fan Another Packer fan lovin' that (butt)cheese Because you know that...
  13. Starion

    2006 Superbowl on NFLN Replay

    Caught this last night for my first rewatch in easily 10 years. I was initially pissed off they skipped several offensive series by the Bears in 1st & 2nd Qtr, but it turns out it was nothing but 3 & outs and turnovers. And more turnovers; 3 INTS, 3 fumbles (2 lost) incl. 2 botched snaps by...
  14. Starion

    GB trades up for Love

    AR now same age as Farve was when AR was drafted. Let the Aaron Rodgers drama begin. Only question is, which guys will AR send his dick pics to?
  15. Starion

    Pass Interference Review gone after 1 year "experiment"

    Commentary: NFL missing the point with potential elimination of pass interference review
  16. Starion

    Article: 3 Reasons to Get On Board With Jimmy Graham ?? Makes a valid point on the contract #s vs. FA TE market, but I disagree that much should/can be expected of him. Still likely poor value vs. drafting a TE. *DISCLAIMER 1: This is written by the same guy...
  17. Starion

    TE Bryce Hopkins

    Do you like him for 2nd Rd? *edit: later? I only say 2nd based on my limited take on when he might go. Seems like a great dude. Kinda soft spoken. Does he have a mean streak to his game?
  18. Starion

    Picking Players with a Mean Streak

    Just thinking of average players and busts who seem to have no mean streak in them. Kevin White Burton Shaheen Floyd Prince Amukamara? James Daniels (Kyle Long said he was "the quietest guy around". Skilled but "too quiet to succeed at center") These guys and more were set up to thrive, and...
  19. Starion

    Nagy Predictible in '19? Personnel Usage data says Yes - Article by J.Wood Seems the Cohen / DM split was pretty telling. Miller somewhat too. Sample of article... Personnel Predictability How predictable was Chicago’s offense when several of their key players were on or off the field? The...
  20. Starion

    Line of Scrimmage Question - Penalty?

    We've all seen penalties for WRs or TEs lined up on/off the line of scrimmage incorrectly. It messes up who's eligible & not. Also tackles reporting as eligible. Is there a rule or interpretation that makes it okay for lineman to be 1, even 2 whole yards behind the LOS before a pass play...