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  1. Bearly

    Trevathan has been better of late but check this out.

    ILB passer rating allowed, minimum 25 targets... 1. Nick Kwiatkoski, Raiders: 50.9 2. Myles Jack, Jaguars: 63.0 3. Fred Warner, 49ers: 64.4 4. Roquan Smith, Bears: 65.0 After he got enough reps, he made up for any early pass D issues with good reads and...
  2. Bearly

    Hypothetical Mitch or Nagy

    You have to keep one and lose the other. I lose Nagy. What he did last week, keeping the complexity and sequencing with a green OL that already wasn't performing well is amateurish and represents a guy that just doesn't understand how to put anyone in a position to succeed. Never dictates to a...
  3. Bearly

    Paul Stanley from Kiss is a really good guy.

    Just a link from his twitter feed I really enjoyed. I don't follow but my wife linked me in. Band never did much for me but this Alzheimer patient that got triggered in a good way is heart warming.
  4. Bearly

    Brandon Marshall racially profiled.

    I would think the only defense would be recognizing who he is, LOL.
  5. Bearly

    Forced Decorum

  6. Bearly

    Macho in golf

    So I'm 65 and can still hit it far enough to play the long tees but don't always do so. I like to play a course with some shots offering the correct amount of risk and reward without leaving my shoes at the tee which can be a bad tendency of mine. So I get to the tee yesterday and am waiting for...
  7. Bearly

    85 Super Bowl on NBC, Sunday at 2pm

    For those too young to remember, see why this team is revered and don't believe those that hate on McMahon. Watch how he plays with a ding (seemingly always :rolleyes: ). Dent understandably got MVP because he represented the D but Jimmy was the best player on the field that day. I can't...
  8. Bearly

    Brooks Koepka smack talks Michael Jordan on the golf course and learns a lesson I wonder how many strokes Jordan had in his pocket.
  9. Bearly

    WTF no trade mock

    43 Noah Igbinoghene, CB. Best CB available and somebody gonna drop a little. 50 Isaiah Wilson OT Big body guy that needs some more training but sky's the limit at OT. Could play inside tomorrow if he has to. Considered early but I bet this isn't. 163 Anthony Gordon QB Nice project that looks...
  10. Bearly

    In case you wondered where certain draft sites got to.

    These are some not as common sites I came across again yesterday that were no longer where originally found a year ago or so. Guys, add you fav or moved less obvious sites. We all...
  11. Bearly

    Talk of ending combine premature.

    Remember the talk about how it has become a waste of time...
  12. Bearly

    NFL season cancelled!

  13. Bearly

    How would you respond to a PM ...

    that asks for peace from a guy that states that he's been collecting your posts like they are evidence of something. This is a guy that has twisted my words in the past and that I suspect reported me though he claims otherwise. I was like WTF, told him to post better, just put me on ignore or...
  14. Bearly

    Russia or Ukraine?

    Who hacked CCS?
  15. Bearly

    Mitch at the podium

  16. Bearly

    Bears actually rise in power ranking after 2019 draft.

    More status quo but really, not dropping with no early picks is a positive. Different topic though draft related. Montgomery is the 2nd highest rated rookie in fantasy.
  17. Bearly

    2019 Wonderlic scores

    per Bob McGinn Defensive Line 39 Chase Allen 36 Zach Allen 31 Khalen Saunders 31 Jerry Tillery 31 John Cominsky 23 Trysten Hill 23 Joey Bosa 20 Ed Oliver 20 Dre'Mont Jones 19 Christian Wilkins 18 Jaylon Ferguson 17 Dexter Lawrence 14 Jeffery Simmons 13 Olive Sagapolu 11 Quinnen Williams 11...
  18. Bearly

    Will the government Shutdown affect the Super Bowl

    Not much in the way of organised strike talk yet but consider the effects of a TSA or other walkout/sick day(s). I doubt on site security will be compromised but if the government is still closed at the start of feb, any walkout related to travel or security would certainly be making a point.