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  1. Rob219_CBMB

    rewatched vikings game - Offense needs Poll

    Note; We have 5 of our 7 draft picks for 2021 draft. One or 2 possible comp picks. Doing this because too many of you guys are butt hurt AF about going back to Mitchell... let me just ask you Why NOT? Foles is incapable of this offense, he's just a flash in the pan. I don't want to see this...
  2. Rob219_CBMB

    Bulls kept Valentine over Shaq Harrison?

    🤬 why? Elaborate.
  3. Rob219_CBMB

    Sooooo, nobody mentioned how JG called Fooles a bitch???

    ^title It happened during the first half versus the TITANS. Foles was following JG to the bench and JG said something to Foles that end up with JG calling Foles a Bitch. gif coming soon. exciting. :rolleyes:
  4. Rob219_CBMB

    fun fact.

    keep this in mind.. Khalil Mack 29 Buster Skrine 31 Akiem Hicks 30 Danny Trevathan 30 Robert Quinn 30 Tashaun Gipson 30 (Aug. 7) Kyle Fuller 28 Eddie Jackson 28 Roquan Smith 23 Jaylon Johnson 21 TOM BRADY 43 30 playoff wins, damn near the same number age wise of most player on bears defense...
  5. Rob219_CBMB

    EJ's Pick 6 @ full speed GIF.

    @remydat sorry but take the L on this one...debate is over. EJ's play ON THE BALL is clean.
  6. Rob219_CBMB

    DUD; Our 2021 7th round pick from Miami with the possibilities to be a 6th round pick for Bears thread.

    He's still on that roster. � Date Week Tm Opp Result GS Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct Off. Snaps Def. Snaps ST Snaps 2020-09-13 1 MIA @ NWE L 11-21 12 19% 0 0% 0 0% Upcoming Games · Bye in Week 11 2020-09-20 2 MIA BUF Preview...
  7. Rob219_CBMB

    Negotiations with A-Rob is back on!

    Allen Robinson resumes contract negotiations with Bears Hell yeah, sounds like a safe bet. RAPSHEET tweet in link.
  8. Rob219_CBMB

    bears sign de ledarius mack to ps release de abdullah anderson

    will the REAL Mack please stand up!?! Bears Sign DE Ledarius Mack To PS, Release DE Abdullah Anderson |
  9. Rob219_CBMB

    rewatch threat.

    o-line is definitely much better. guys got themselves up a bit early but still..i was shitting on these dudes. Mitchell could of done more. Stafford was definitely picking on Jaylon, baiting him often and early. Roquan invisible. Patterson is a legit playmaker, he's a good weapon to have, you...
  10. Rob219_CBMB

    WK1: CHI @ DET - Which Bear gets the 1st score?

    idea stolen from headquarters.
  11. Rob219_CBMB

    possible cuts and being ticked off.

    what cuts today will piss you off, If it happens? Mines is JP Holtz & alex bars. *Surprise cuts", i meant.. any cut random cuts that would have you like "i'ma go smack Pace up!"
  12. Rob219_CBMB

    Lance Briggs...err, Roquan Smith is fat thread part-69 only on CCS, unseen gut drop pics inside, bring humor.

    A much different picture than what @Bearly has been tryin' to point out to you guys here on World Star CCS. This reminds me of all them people in the crowd dancing and cheering at an music awards show, until Mariah Carey bent over and her gut dropped out hanging like a glob of fat flesh...the...
  13. Rob219_CBMB

    rolling coal...

    I got coal burnt in my Tesla earlier this week, dude in a not-so-big truck coal smoked me out after he boxed me in traffic next to a semi in motion, so i couldn't pass him as i was right behind him and I knew what was about to happen, the driver keep eyeing me with his rearview mirror. Myself...
  14. Rob219_CBMB

    ***OFFICIAL*** Bears 2020 Training Camp thread

    **FRESH KOOL-AID @ post #9 Looking like a monster..them legs tho..🦵 Miller looking thicker and stronger..💪 stolen from bears' twitter. thanks dad.
  15. Rob219_CBMB

    Bears sign all seven of their 2020 draft picks so they waited til a confirmation of some sort..Now, on to T.C. with no fans to attend.
  16. Rob219_CBMB

    what do you guys do when bored?

    I'm looking for some random boredom checklist, maybe i forgot about certain things to do when bored. Go for a ride. (never enough) clean in and outside the house (been done) Workout (never enough) go to friends houses (never enough) Clean the vehicles (done x10 over) drink more liquor.(never...
  17. Rob219_CBMB

    Jamal Adams potential trade

    I don't see any mention here of Adams around but if Pace pulls the trigger on this, it would be dumb AF and good at the same time, this defense would be crazy good. Most recent article and one...
  18. Rob219_CBMB

    Everybody matters to me. (thinking of Nagy's 2HR chat meeting)

    It's just something me and my family been talking about the past fews days. I do meant it. I want to share this clip(s) from American Gods with everyone, something that I've always believe was wrong since the beginng of time basically.