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  1. WestCoastBearsFan

    Dave Ragone heading to ATL as an OC

  2. WestCoastBearsFan

    Ted Thompson Died on Wednesday

  3. WestCoastBearsFan

    will the mccaskey’s have the cash to keep the team?

    once virginia dies. i saw it on reddit but have no clue how accurate it is. basically, virginia owns 80% of the team and once she passes, her kids inherit those shares. the problem for the mccaskey’s is that the inheritance tax would be 40% of the $4B the team is valued at, and the mccaskey’s...
  4. WestCoastBearsFan

    JLC says Jay Rodgers could leave the Bears

    I guess we know who our new defensive coordinator is
  5. WestCoastBearsFan

    Detroit “close” to poaching colbert from Steelers

    meanwhile we are stuck with Pace and Nagy! Thanks George!
  6. WestCoastBearsFan

    Bears need to change the organizational structure

    I’ve heard it mentioned by several Bears beat guys, so maybe something like this is already in the works but i feel like creating a “President of Football Operations” and a “President of Business Operations” positions would help a ton, and everybody would benefit. The McCaskeys get to keep...
  7. WestCoastBearsFan

    Bears 2021 Opponents

    this is about as rough as it gets folks. Let Mitch walk, bring AR back, take OL in round 1, and ride the tank engine with Foles.
  8. WestCoastBearsFan

    play calling and offensive game plan

    was actually one of the few positives today. all you could really ask them to do was control the ball and pound their front, which they did until it got away from the Bears. Mitch shouldn’t he allowed back in the city of chicago next season, he’s just not the guy.
  9. WestCoastBearsFan

    100 catches for 1200 yards

    With Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky throwing him the ball. That’s truly remarkable. he needs to be paid and i would prefer if it was by the Bears.
  10. WestCoastBearsFan

    Darnell Mooney

    what a stud this kid is. i love the work ethic he has!
  11. WestCoastBearsFan

    Clancy Barone called the jet sweep

    do position coaches normally do this? seems weird to me.
  12. WestCoastBearsFan

    Hoge: firing Matt Nagy would be a mistake

    This should go over great
  13. WestCoastBearsFan

    Bears snap counts from Sunday

    Cole Kmet was on the field for 100% of the offensive snaps!
  14. WestCoastBearsFan

    James Daniels or Alex Bars?

    It’s clear Mustipher at center, Whitehair at LG, and Bars at RG is working, but what do we do with James Daniels? Mustipher is doing what Daniels couldn’t and allowing Cody to play his natural guard position but has Bars done enough to warrant deeming Daniels a nice luxury back up? He’s...
  15. WestCoastBearsFan

    Matt Nagy kept this team together

    cry haters
  16. WestCoastBearsFan

    Lions to interview Louis Riddick Friday

    Keep waiting George!!
  17. WestCoastBearsFan

    Did Leonard Floyd just not want to be a Bear?

    He’s in the same system that he was in Chicago, but way more productive. I don’t fault Pace for not wanting to bring him back because he wasn’t a threat to QBs but i can’t figure out why he’s so much more productive in the same scheme just a different location.