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  1. Bigfoot

    Canes vs Hawks 2 game series

    Canes in town rolling along looking for first place. Hawks hanging on by a thread. Couple of things I have noticed so far that have been driving me nuts this month. Our D needs to activate more in the O-Zone. Not sure if it is the scheme, but they seem to hold the line. And another Kaner is a...
  2. Bigfoot

    Wild vs Hacks

    Will this be JC last game?
  3. Bigfoot

    Hawks vs Blues

    GDT discuss
  4. Bigfoot

    Hawks vs Yotes 9 EST

    Different day same results
  5. Bigfoot

    Hawks vs Predators 7cst 8est

    I suck at game threads, but we need one. Let's go Hawks and if a tone can post lineups that would be great. GO HAWKS
  6. Bigfoot

    2019 Free Agency/Trade Edition

    Post any Free Agency news on Hawks or just in general. I will start with this nugget to wet your whistles.
  7. Bigfoot

    2019 Draft

    As of now Hawks in top 3. Come on Hockey Gods give us number 1
  8. Bigfoot

    Panthers have an eye for Coach Q

    Uncle Dale has his eyes on Coach Q. Can they take Seabrookzival with them.
  9. Bigfoot


    Testing the new forum. Carry on
  10. Bigfoot

    OT. Around the rink talk

    If you have played, still play, or have kids playing. Talk about it in this thread. I know we have a few members that used to play. Figured this could be a cool way to talk about other aspects of hockey not just the Hawks. I will sticky it.
  11. Bigfoot

    Kings/Hawks trade

    Hawks trade with Kings Forward Dominik Kubalik for a 2019 5th
  12. Bigfoot

    Hawks vs Isles

    Last game before the all-star break. Let's go get that W. Ward in net Joker back in Dahlstrom out Cags-Tazer-Kaner CatmanDo-Stomer-Kahun SaadPanda-MeinKampf-Kruger Haydon-AA-Kunitz Seabrookzival-Keef Murp-Joker GusBus-Koekkoek Quest for 1 Ward Isles 12 Forwards 6 D-men 1 Goalie Barry...
  13. Bigfoot

    Hawks trade

    Hawks made another move today. I'm working on getting a link for you boys.
  14. Bigfoot

    Hawks vs Preds

    Game in Wenesday Night Rivalry Night
  15. Bigfoot

    Prospects from 2019 World Juniors

    Article on how our Hawks prospects did.
  16. Bigfoot

    Brookbank added

    Hawks have added former player Sheldon Brookbank to coaching staff.
  17. Bigfoot

    Hawks vs Isles 730 EST NBCSN

    Flippty Flop Trotz and the Isles welcome JC Hawks for some January Hockey fun. Caggiula still stuck in Canada working on the visa. Lets try for 3 pages today boys where half of if is not talking to himself. Delia in Net so guaranteed Hawks win. Projected Line Ups Hawks 20-19-24 15-17-88...
  18. Bigfoot

    Winter Classic IGT

    Since my dumbass put it in the Bears forum getting those goof posters rules up. Let's try it again. Happy New Year boys; let's start off this year right with another W Bigfoot projected lines 20-19-24 15-17-88 12-64-11 95-16-40 2-56 63-5 42-7 30 in net
  19. Bigfoot

    Stan at it again Mandog traded to Edmonton Should be a fun locker room in Edmonton. Especially with McJesus calling Mandog classless
  20. Bigfoot

    Hawks vs Avs

    As we close out 2018 against Colorado. Let's close on a positive note. Go Hawks. Projected lines 20-19-24 15-17-88 12-64-95 29-16-40 2-56 63-5 42-7 60 in net