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    Corey Davis signed with Jets believing Sam Darnold would be QB: 'That's my understanding' Corey Davis signed with Jets believing Sam Darnold would be QB: 'That's my understanding'
  2. baselman1974

    Might as well trade Allen Robinson

    So he can go where he can contribute to a team committed to winning SBs. The Bears are not one of those teams. The Bears are committed to wallow in shit.
  3. baselman1974

    This is the worst mock draft yet.

    charley-casserly-2021-nfl-mock-draft-1-0-justin-fields-slides-to-steelers If Bears pass up Fields at 20 without giving up a draft pick, let the dick ripping commence.
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    Jets looking to trade #2 pick. There’s a chance to get Zach Wilson.
  5. baselman1974

    If the Bears were smart.

    I would beg Andrew Luck to come out of retirement. The Bears would get a All Pro QB for scraps.
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    Interesting article about QB class Don’t totally agree with it but I see why Mac Jones is rated highly by June Jones. It’s the same things I see as well even though Alabama was a stacked team.
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    Bears prepare to tag Robinson in order to continue working on extension. Good news my friends. Bears FO are not complete idiots.
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    I would give Raiders 2 1sts for Derrick Carr if

    The Raiders take Nick Foles. The Bears can shed $16 million in cap space. Franchise tag Robinson. Get a 2nd this year or 1st next year for him. This is probably the best outcome the Bears can achieve in this shitty predicament that fucking Pace put us in.
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    Pagano. sucks.

    His play calling is vanilla. 30 points should be enough for Bears to win handily. The Bears D is being man handled on the line and soft coverage. Bears O is now playing smash mouth. I love it. The Bears D should match the offense intensity. It kind of funny to say that. Thinking the...
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    Allen Robinson.....

    I don’t understand why he went out of bounds before getting the 1st down? I’m not complaining but how can people say he is top tier WR but does stupid shit like this? He doesn’t make the clutch catches, causes INTs, and wants out. I would tag and ship him. He is not worth keeping.
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    Worst 3-0 in NFL. ....

    I'll take it. Man its been stressed.
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    Trade for Stafford? If the Lions are stupid enough, then yes make that deal. A second this year and a second next year? What will it take to get Stafford? He does have some miles on himm
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    The cap will be around $190 milliion in 2019 That’s good news for the Bears in order to keep key pieces on the team. An extra 13 million can go a long way.
  14. baselman1974

    Allen Robinson and Tarik Cohen were awesome today

    Allen made some great catches. He is a true No. 1 That catch he had even though it was PI. Made all the clutch catches. Cohen can catch and throw the ball. He was just ineffective running the ball. I also can’t believe Miller wasn’t targeted but one time today, by Cohen no less.
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    1st Place Chicago Bears

    Sounds good. First time since 2013. Whatever the people on this forum says.
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    The Eagles' fourth and goal touchdown play

    Was ripped from the Bears playbook this year. Even the Patriots ran a version of it when Brady dropped the pass. I can't believe Dowell fucking Loggains was the mastermind behind it.
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    For all you jimmy g. Nut huggers

    Here is a link to Brett kohlman’s anaylsis in his YouTube page.
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    Fox lost this team.

    The players have no confidence in him anymore, and it showed with uninspired play. I don’t blame them one bit. Instead of trying to win, Fox and co. are playing not to lose. The offense play calling is absolutely dreadful, no imagination, and lacked courage. Don’t want to take chances...
  19. baselman1974

    Inman is a keeper.

    On the bright side, the Bears did find a gem in Inman. He catches anything near him and can separate. It’s nice too see an NFL WR on Bears roster.