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    Yall want Mac Jones but not Trey Lance?

    Why?!? Mac Jones is unathletic in a league where QBs are becoming more athletic, he has less than 20 starts in college, and he was surrounded by talent. Yall trust him? If you going to draft another one of these sub 20 start QBs, then why not draft Trey Lance who is atleast a dual threat? He...
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    How Surprised Would You Be if the Bears started 3 different QBs next season?

    Nick Foles and Andy Dalton, ole boy. Now people are saying that the Bears have inquired about Marcus Mariota, another bust who has literally had 1 good season in the league (his second season). How many QBs have "good" second seasons and become garbage after the league figures them out in Year...
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    The Brightside of Dalton's One Year Deal

    Nagy, Pace, and Dalton can ALL be gone together after next season. Im a positive person.
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    Why Can't The Bears Just Draft a QB and Get the Same Production out of a Rookie QB as they'd potentially get from Wentz?

    Question for people who are okay with trading for Wentz even those who sanitize the trade by saying things like, "well but I wouldn't give a 1st BUT I'd give a 2nd or such and such", what exactly does Wentz offer us that a rookie QB doesn't offer? Looking at Wentz's stats in 2020, he had under...
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    Help Me Understand What People Mean When They Say the Bears don't have the assets for Watson

    Thanks in advance, but I've seen/read numerous fans on numerous social media platforms make the claim that the Bears are seeking guys like Carr, Wentz, etc because they dont have the assets for Watson yet the Bears are willing to trade first rounders for Carr/Wentz at the same time which don't...
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    If Trubisky and Trevor Lawrence were in the same draft and Pace took Mitch, would ANYONE defend Pace?

    Imagine an alternate world where Trevor Lawrence and Mitch were both in the 2017 draft and Pace took Mitch, would anyone be defending Pace right now? This may blow your mind but Pace still has defenders on the internet. Besides ChiCitySports, I've been surfing multiple alternative Bears fan...
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    Theory: Pace sucks at drafting franchise QBs out of college because he literally has no experience

    Just my theory of why Pace cant identify quarerback talent on the college level. Pace worked as a scout in New Orleans, the Saints ALWAYS had their starting QB position solidified during Pace's tenure. Pace joined the Saints in 2001 AFTER Aaron Brooks was already there and the Packers traded...
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    Good news!! Lamar Jackson got drafted #32 in the first round, racism may actually help us land our QB.

    For all the fans who have already bent over and grabbed their ankles in anticipation of getting screwed again by the Bears for the 2021 draft I have good news. I went back and looked at the NFL's first round draft selections going back to 2015 to see if teams who are picking late in the 1st...
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    It's kind of poetic that Pace's last game in Chicago may be a loss to a past prime Drew Brees

    Pace's crown jewel number 2 pick at QB who is in his physical prime couldn't beat an old past prime Drew Brees!! This is one of the reasons I hope that Pace isnt coming back, Pace losing to New Orleans is the PERFECT ending to his tenure because I remember that after Pace's drafted Mitch, he had...
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    Matt Nagy has averaged 11.3 ppg in "playoff games" so far

    Imagine if Jack Napier had fallen into a vat of green slime instead of chemicals, he would have came out as Matt Nagy instead of the Joker. The joke is on us if Nagy comes back next season. Why? Because Right now the score is 21-3 with 2:19 left in the game, so up to this point if we count Week...
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    Trubisky's demoralizing turnovers have led to 21 points for the opposing team since he was renamed the starter

    Trubisky fans get in here, I want all the smoke tonight because I keep seeing Trubisky fans acting like he has NOTHING to do with the recent loses, I still see people making excuses for this bum even when he fumbled today WITH THE LEAD and only needing a few first downs to run out the clock, if...
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    This is what Mitch's career would look like if he had to play behind a bottom 10 defense for his entire career

    People always gave Trubisky credit for his win loss record and say they think he could have success on another team, but I've been telling yall forever that if he played on a team with a bottom 10 defense, then he would be getting blown out every week just like tonight. He's always been an...
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    Time for Trubisky fans to stop bragging about how he doesnt turn the ball over

    Trubisky has 3 turnovers and we are just midway through the 3rd quarter. Unreal.
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    All of the Times the Bears have gone a Quarter without a Single Point through Week 7

    One thing I've noticed about the 2020 Bears is that they go a long time between points, so I looked up how many times the Bears have went a full quarter/15 minutes of football without scoring a single point (yes INCLUDING FIELD GOALS!!!!) and I found that the Panthers game was the only game that...
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    Ryan Pace only has his job because of Drew Brees and is the Adam Gase of GMs

    The media laughs at Adam Gase because Peyton Manning go him a job, but why dont we say the same about Brees and Pace? How is Pace not the GM equivalent of Gase? Let's be honest, the McCaskey's hired Ryan Pace philosophically because he came from an offensive minded franchise in New Orleans. Yet...
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    The funny thing about it is that Jimmy Garoppolo would have probably beaten Trubisky tonight

    Not because he's great, but because the formula to beating the Bears all season was to score 20 points, since the Bears defense gave up 18.6 a game and the offense only averaged 17.5 PPG if you scored 20 on us then you basically beat us. The Niners scored exactly 20 tonight in the SB and led in...
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    Did Tarik Cohen regress over is it Matt Nagy?

    This year, a lot of people have criticized Cohen's lack of an impact with some saying that Cohen himselfregressed. Others say he isn't getting used properly. But I just looked up his stats and in 2018 when he broke out, and he had 71 receptions and 91 targets that year compared to 70 catches and...
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    It feels like people care more about Trubisky than they care about the Bears

    People are tellng us to smile, be meager, and waiting while this #2 overall drafted bum developes in route to us losing games left and right and missing the playoffs???!!! I'd rather pass. I've noticed that a lot of Trubisky supporters are telling us to wait and have patience, and they say that...
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    Convince me that Trubisky's late season success isn't ultimately BAD for the Bears

    Coming into the Packers game there has been a lot of new found optimism for the Bears and Mitch, and I'm currently watching the Bears attempt to make a comeback against GB after trailing 21-3. This game however, is a microcosm of the season. What I mean by that is that we came out flat to start...
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    Why are the Bears so bad in the 1st quarter if our plays are scripted?

    I was taught growing up that coaches script their first dozen plays EVERY game, so why are we always having 3-and-outs or cant move the ball to midfield in the first quarter? The Bears one of the worst first quarter teams I've EVER seen.