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  1. PeppersSweater

    Pace, Nagy, Future.

    Think George gives Pace the keys to trade three 1sts for a QB this year? If so, does that secure Pace's job for the next three seasons?
  2. PeppersSweater

    What if the Bears had NOT signed Andy Dalton

    Pace HAD to sign someone, and he had to say they improved at the quarterback in his press conference yesterday after George McCaskey said they need to get better at the quarterback position. Can't go into the draft with the 20th pick, possibly handcuffed, setting out to do that. My hope that...
  3. PeppersSweater

    Jim Rome breaks down the bears flexing Dalton as QB1 and it's hilarious

    I literally choked on my marshmellow when he said that.
  4. PeppersSweater

    Cordarelle Patterson - Toy or Turd

    He’s also the only gunner I can recall who doesn’t make me lose my shit at the tv for flying past the returner time after time.
  5. PeppersSweater

    Just me, or was the officiating particularly horrible today?

    As much as I hate the Calvin Johnson rule, I don’t see how that doesn’t apply to the Arob’s catch. You have to control the ball even after going to the ground. Remove the defender on this play, and it’s an incomplete pass if he loses the ball after hitting the ground.
  6. PeppersSweater

    Bilal Nichols will go to the Pro Bowl this year

    He’s one of the guys I’m most excited to watch and hopeful will have a breakout year, but is NT his natural position?
  7. PeppersSweater

    ***2020 NFL Draft Day 3 IGT ***

    Hoping Pace totally redeems himself by trading #163 to some shitty team for next year’s 4th.
  8. PeppersSweater

    ***2020 NFL Draft Day 3 IGT ***

    Never a fan of the whole trade an earlier round pick next year for a later round pick this year.
  9. PeppersSweater

    Should the bears handicap pace?

    I personally don't like the idea of trading away future picks higher than about a 6th rounder to move up for anything other than a potential franchise quarterback unless we're getting a higher future draft pick(s) in return.
  10. PeppersSweater

    What does Mitch do at an above average level?

    I actually edited my post from “WRs” to “offense”, because as soon as someone on the O line jumps and starts pointing fingers, the play is dead. But yeah, WRs, et al, could stand to study the Packers on this.
  11. PeppersSweater

    What does Mitch do at an above average level?

    Wish he and the offense could capitalize more on free plays
  12. PeppersSweater

    340 Yards & 3 TDs. Trubisky The Goat

    Please keep this receiving lineup
  13. PeppersSweater

    Robinson 4th and 15 Catch TD

    Why isn’t Gabriel signaling for timeout?
  14. PeppersSweater

    OT: Callahan Not Expected to play tonight

    Not sure on coverage, but I did have to look up who #24 was after he whiffed on a couple tackles. PFF had him ranked 4th highest on Bears defense on Thursday.
  15. PeppersSweater

    Thoughts and Observations Week 1

    I’ve been trying to put my finger on why our passing game looks so difficult. Watching on television, it’s difficult to tell whether it’s more of a separation issue vs playcalling vs Mitch’s vision/ball placement. It doesn’t help that the TE position has been unreliable and our #2 receiver is...
  16. PeppersSweater

    Phil Emery Answering Questions on Today at 12 pm CST

    I asked: Comment From Brad Jordan Mills was responsible for surrendering numerous pressures and penalties against Miami. Are you concerned about the right tackle position? 12:37 Phil Emery: Jordan is a good football player. His history with us has shown us that he will bounce back and rise...
  17. PeppersSweater

    Who were Emery's other 3?

    Donald, Barr, and Gilbert? What do you think?