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    Learning From Mitch

    If Fields turns out to be a bona fide franchise QB for the next 15 years with the Bears, no one would care if they gave 3 1sts, 3 2nds to make that happen. If he is a legit star at QB, throw that trade value chart shit right out the window.
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    Some Nice Analysis of Justin Fields play

    Posted his take on Fields being above Lawrence before the draft. I never could understand how in the holy hell people had Lance ahead of him. But I’m thrilled, because Fields fell to the Bears.
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    Thomas Graham - one scout thinks it’s a steal

    Vildor may actually be better in the nickel and compete with Shelley there. Truant may come back to the form he used to have, but you never know. Graham has a good path at least to start. I hope he does- he seems like a hard worker and a good guy.
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    Thomas Graham - one scout thinks it’s a steal

    You’re not wrong in the sense that he’ll be competing against guys with NFL experience. But don’t look at it through the prism of a 6th round pick. Some people had him going3rd-4th range. If he hadn’t opted out and had played like he always has, I think he’d be a 2nd round pick. Look at some...
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    Thomas Graham - one scout thinks it’s a steal

    Actually he reminds me of Fuller. Fuller is an inch or so taller, but other measurables are very similar. What really stood out to me about Graham are his instincts, his ability to always seem to be in an ideal position despite blazing speed. Just like Fuller. I think he will win the camp...
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    Eric Fisher as bridge LT?

    Fisher tore his Achilles in I think the AFC championship game. What is the timeline for that injury? I know it differs depending on the person, but what good would it do to sign him if he’s not going to be ready until around December?
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    UDFA signings

    Agreed, but he also quit when he played like shit in camp and left when the pressure got high. I guarantee you scouting departments were all over that in their evaluation of him. I’m thrilled he is not on this team.
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    Shifting to an Offensive Identify?

    The Bears’ identity has traditionally been toughness and nastiness on both sides of the ball. Something they haven’t been on the offensive side for years now. This draft sent a message that’s going to change.
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    Interesting Responses From 16 Team Scouts About Fields

    Being a Georgia guy, they have been the 2 top guys for years. Both are from north of ATL. Like all the way to high school comparisons. Lawrence had sort of a “cleaner” college path. Kirby Smart made the genius move to start Fromm over Fields and he transferred to OSU. Ive been saying it for...
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    How would you grade this draft class?

    They got Fields at 11-true potential to be the first franchise QB they’ve had in decades. The draft could have ended after the first round and I’d still rate that draft a success.
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    Who will be getting cut?

    I suspect Pace will be looking at people getting cut and on the FA market, especially at LT and CB. And they still need to pay this draft class. Some contracts will have to be unloaded. Hicks? Leno? Graham? ARob trade?
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    UDFA signings

    Yep. He quit on his team at UGA when he left in September after transferring there from Wake Forest when he couldn’t beat out JT Daniels in camp.
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    This Draft had a Different Feel To It

    Tough. That’s the word that accurately describes all these picks. Fields was a home run, and he is a gamer with big game experience who plays hurt and is known as a leader. He’s a football player. Now Pace actually did something I didn’t think he’d do. Protect the guy who you want to be...
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    ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - Day 3

    I hear a lot of scouts had him in 3 or 4. I don’t know but the dude is huge and mean and doesn’t give up many pressures. Have you been impressed with Daniels so far? He’s gone after this season.
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    Larry Borom Scouting Report.

    This. Exactly this. I have not been impressed with Daniels thus far. Seems quiet and timid, but athletic. Jenkins and Borom don’t give up many pressures but are mean and they move people. This pick says more to me about wanting to set a tone more than anything else.
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    ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - Day 2

    Jabril Cox would start over Trevathan to start the season.
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    ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - Day 2

    Chase left last year. Remember Coward playing? Remember when Daniels got hurt? Ifedi at 5 as a swing T/G and Jenkins on a rookie contract is just fine. Someone will take Foles as a backup QB before the season starts.
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    ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - Day 2

    I don’t mind those moves at all. The QB room is Dalton at 10 m and Fields on a rookie contract. Never have to see Chase Daniel again if one goes down. Regardless who starts the season, I am excited about the QB room for the first time in years. Ifedi came back on a modest deal and provides...
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    Bears need to focus on protecting Fields NOW

    The guy not a lot of people are talking about is Creed Humphrey. Mustipher stepped up admirably, but I think Humphrey is the best C in the draft. How about Cosmi in 2 and Quinn Meinerz in 3?