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  1. fatkid73

    Silver Lining?

    The one good thing that may come of the lower cap situation is there are sure to be quite a few cap casualties. These vets may have to take short term deals below normal market value for this season. May be some quality FA's on the market this year where there would not normally be.
  2. fatkid73

    Sam Darnold to the Bears? It is going to be tough to get any of the top QB's in the draft picking at 15-20. I have never been a big Darnold fan, but it may make sense to see what it would take to get a guy with possibly some...
  3. fatkid73

    Taco(s) anyone?

    I know we have brought in a few different pass rushers for a look see this week. Sounds like the Cowboys are about to cut Taco Charlton. Former first rounder worth a look?
  4. fatkid73

    Aaron Lynch Injury Update?

    Has anyone heard anything other than Nagy saying it was not season ending? I thought Lynch made a couple impact plays last week before he got hurt. One in particular, he blew up a run play for a 4 yard loss. He is much better in the rotation than Irving and hopefully he will be back by the...
  5. fatkid73

    Sure would have been nice...

    To have a few practice games to get the offense in sync. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. fatkid73

    Best LB core in the NFL

    With the addition of Mack, I think this group has a chance to be the best LB core in the nfl THIS YEAR. Roquan has to play to his potential and Floyd has to stay healthy, but to me, it is not inconceivable to think this unit could send all 4 LB's to the Pro Bowl at some point in the future. It...
  7. fatkid73

    Minkah Fitzpatrick

    I see a few outlets having us take Fitzpatrick at 8. It seems like an odd fit. They list him as a Safety, but some think he can play corner. If the Bears project him as a CB, you already have your starters in Fuller and Amukamara. I know Prince is just an average CB, but could Fitzpatrick...
  8. fatkid73

    Transition for Fuller

    Ian Rapoport Ian Rapoport @RapSheet A surprise: The #Bears are going to apply the transition tag to CB Kyle Fuller, sources say. With their cap situation, they can match any offer that would come in. This keeps a top talent at a key position on the team. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. fatkid73

    Former Bear Jared Allen in the 2022 Winter Olympics?

    Not sure how the rodeo dance would apply:
  10. fatkid73

    Report: Kyle Fuller won't be returning to the Bears Not good news if true.
  11. fatkid73

    Is the pendulum starting to swing?

    The Bears hopefully have a quarterback and a competent Offensive minded coach for the first time forever. However, looking at the current landscape of the league, running the football and defense is on the comeback. Who would have thought that the three of the four QB's in the Championship...
  12. fatkid73

    This Defense is Maddening

    We seem to have at least one breakdown a game that is killing us. The quick snap long run for a TD was brutal. It comes down to bad coaching to me. Little things. Little breakdowns.
  13. fatkid73

    Coaching Coaching Coaching

    I am excited by the change to Trubisky, however, I have SERIOUS concerns that this coaching staff has no idea how to bring a young QB along. I think we have seen the impact a good coach can have on a young QB see: Goff, Watson, Prescott. All three have had the benefit of offensive minded/QB...
  14. fatkid73

    Initial thoughts...

    The offense is going to hold this team back all year, the defense is really good(same ok' Bears) the big thing keeping them from being great is the lack of turnovers. I don't think Trubs makes much of a difference at this point, because the WR's are so weak. That said, I was really...
  15. fatkid73

    Marquess Wilson broken foot AGAIN!!!

    Seriously, this is insane.
  16. fatkid73

    Report: Bears to bring back David Fales Start him over Barkely no doubt.
  17. fatkid73

    Chiefs realease 3rd Round CB Kei'vare Russell

    Sounds like it was a numbers thing. They needed help on Special Teams and had to cut him just 1 game into his rookie season. Chiefs seem to have a pretty good eye for DB talent. May be worth a look.
  18. fatkid73

    Bears drafting compared to the rest of the league I came across this article on Yahoo, surprised by this to be honest. I feel the Bears have done a TERRIBLE job drafting over the years. Top half of the league is shocking. This does go back to 96' though. It has us in the...
  19. fatkid73

    Mariani may be on the way out... Seems like we have been shopping for a return man. Not sure why we would keep Mariani with White and Royal back healthy, especially if we sign a return man. Bolden fits a bigger roster need as a backup...
  20. fatkid73

    Grassu may be out this week with a neck injury This will not help. Minn runs a ton of blitz packages. Need to have everyone on the same page.