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    Why is Nagy on the “Hot seat”??

    Yes you can. You coach to the strengths and weaknesses of the players you actually have, not the players you wish you had. A good playcaller emphasizes the positive traits of their personnel while scheming around the weaknesses. Nagy does not. A good playcaller attacks the weaknesses of his...
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    Why is Nagy on the “Hot seat”??

    The fact that HC Nagy hasn't fired OC Nagy is a fireable offense.
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    A bears fan compilation video reacting to the Fields pick in real time

    I agree with this. The camera's on and you're getting paid for views, you're likely to put on a show.
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    So who thinks we made the wrong 1st rnd. selection

    The GM did well. The pick and player are promising. Now let's see if the coach(es) can develop him. I have zero faith in Matt Nagy. The 2nd round should be about Charles Leno's replacement.
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    I've never seen this level of anxiety among fans before

    No anxiety. Apathy.
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    Pace, Nagy, Future.

    Nagy has been the beneficiary of an excellent defense. The offense, for which he is the alleged genius leader has been subpar, and no player has gotten better on the offensive side of the ball in his tenure. His players are undisciplined and lazy. His personnel decisions are questionable. His...
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    Pace, drafting with Nagy, seems to hit more on offense.

    That when the Genius HC/OC was calling plays Montgomery certainly was not top 5 in attempts or yards so your statement about the narrative being untrue is.....untrue. With Lazor calling plays Montgomery ran over 19 times per game at a 99.7 yards per game clip.
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    Pace, drafting with Nagy, seems to hit more on offense.

    In the games where the Genius was calling plays he (Montgomery) averaged 14.5 runs per game and 52.4 yards per game. He did not have a 100 yard game until Lazor took over.
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    In this video it appears that David Montgomery is looking a lot faster than he looked in games last season, but without pads on who knows?

    That'll be great for the 6 running plays he gets per game with Nagy calling the offense.
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    Ross Tucker thinks the hate on Matt Nagy has gone too far because he's never had a losing season and did it all with a 2.5M backup QB

    That's just it though, isn't it? It's always someone else's fault with this asshole (Nagy). It's Heistand, Helfrich, Pagano, Mitch, Foles, the O-Line, Pace whoever. Nagy has shown no indication that he's ever learned anything from his mistakes. He goes back to Be You land every single time...
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    Ross Tucker thinks the hate on Matt Nagy has gone too far because he's never had a losing season and did it all with a 2.5M backup QB

    Perhaps eventually someday the stars will align and the perfect talent will be assembled for Matt Nagy's scheme and it will work and finally reveal his genius. Until then, he will fail because he is unwilling to adapt to the actual assembled talent and unwilling/unable to coach up players. Fuck...
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    Why not be optimistic.............

    Optimism died the day Phillips, Pace, and Nagy were retained. I don't give a shit anymore. This board is the only Bears related thing I've looked at in a while now and that's because it can at least be amusing. Maybe I'll watch the Bills this year. They're my 'local' team and at least they're...
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    OT - It's gunna be a FA bloodbath!

    There are going to be a lot of cap casualties for sure, but I would expect there will not be a lot of long term deals signed. Likely a lot of one year deals betting on an increasing cap next year.
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    Bears are the top offer for Wentz?

    I'd take Wentz in an Osweiler deal. I can't believe Pace is considering actually giving assets to acquire him. Fuck this team.
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    Mock Offseason 1.0

    The offseason has now truly begun.
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    #Bears are another team with interest in Jameis Winston

    Adipost and Bears26 have already mentioned this, but you like links. #LeadershipQualities.
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    Which QB scenario would you choose?

    It would be nice if Dak got to free agency. Certainly a better scenario for Chicago than trading a boatload of assets for an expensive proven QB. Keep the assets and just pay the expensive proven QB.
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    Keepin It 100 - Big Players in the Quarterback Game

    I couldn't sit through too much of this one. Phil endlessly talking about how he's right about everything and how the ONLY thing Ryan Pace can do is get Watson. Rinse and repeat about 30 times. Should have been a 5 minute discussion and then move on to other topics or scenarios.
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    Deshaun Watson officially requests trade!

    Quite the offseason mock potential I suppose.
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    Deshaun Watson officially requests trade!

    1) The Bears don't have the assets to compete in the Watson trade market as Windy and others have pointed out. 2) Watson is in full control of his destination with his NTC and is likely still salty about the draft. 3) If the Bears gave up their next 3 drafts for Watson they would turn...