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    Who will be getting cut?

    I suspect Pace will be looking at people getting cut and on the FA market, especially at LT and CB. And they still need to pay this draft class. Some contracts will have to be unloaded. Hicks? Leno? Graham? ARob trade?
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    This Draft had a Different Feel To It

    Tough. That’s the word that accurately describes all these picks. Fields was a home run, and he is a gamer with big game experience who plays hurt and is known as a leader. He’s a football player. Now Pace actually did something I didn’t think he’d do. Protect the guy who you want to be...
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    Prisco’s CBS mock: Bears take Davis Mills at 20.

    Flame away. Im definitely in the minority here I’ll bet, but IF they can’t land one of the top 3 after Lawrence and Wilson, I hope they pick Mills. My ideal scenario is not at 20, but a move back into the first or after a trade down. He isn’t going to be there at 52. Dalton is on a 1 year...
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    The case against moving up to 4

    First off, I have heard the arguments for trading up to 4, and they are valid. I respect those points. 1) 3 QBs will go top 3, which I don’t believe has happened since ‘99. Top 5 may go in the first 10, which I don’t think has ever happened. It is a bad year for a QB-needy team sitting at...
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    ARob for Orlando Brown Jr?

    Brown is about to play in the last year of his rookie deal and insists he is a LT. Ravens just signed Stanley to a huge contract at LT. They know this will probably be his last year there. ARob on the tag, and unsure if the Bears will extend him. If not, this is his last year here. Swap...
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    Artie Burns Re-signed

    Super Bowl? Seriously though, reports were he was poised to win the starting spot opposite Fuller last year before the ACL injury. Good depth at the very least. Between he and Trufant, I don’t know who is the better CB. Don’t know much about either one.
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    Elijah Moore

    A lot of mocks have the pick at 20 be a WR. I hope that pick is either used on a QB if one falls far enough for a small trade-up, or an OT. The OT and WR class are both deep, but getting an exceptional OT drops as you go through the rounds more than a WR. Enter Elijah Moore from Ole Miss...
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    Draft Targets if the Bears Stay at Pick # 20

    Let me first say, I think Zach Wilson will be a great QB, and I would not hate it if they trade up to get him. It would cost a ton though, and there are a lot of holes to fill. This will be the first time in 3 years they have a 1st round pick. Assuming they do not trade, what players do you...
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    Trade up for a QB or wait for a top pick in 2022?

    As the games go on, it is becoming more clear that there are problems on both sides of the ball. D needs big changes and Pagano needs to go after the season. Mitch is clearly not the answer, and neither is Foles. So, do you hope they make moves to get Zach Wilson like the Chiefs did to get...
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    NFL to extend season to 17 games starting next year

    This should help to raise the expected salary cap up a bit more than expected due to increased revenue. I like the move. More football to watch and may help with restructuring a few contracts.
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    Buster Skrine

    I don’t recall seeing him out there today, which is a good thing. Who took his spot-Shelley? Skrine should’ve been benched 4 games ago.
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    Sam Mustipher

    I think he has played really well since taking on the C spot. Rarely hear his name called, which is good for an OLman. Line looks more stable. Bears may have found something here. Daniels-Mustipher-Whitehair as the interior OL for next season? Drat OT in round 1 or 2 and I think the OL...
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    DC Candidates

    With all the talk about needing to fire Pace and Nagy (justifiably so), if the do that, I think they need a clean slate and give Pagano his walking papers too. Passive scheme and doesn’t seem to adjust in-game as well as other teams. What people would everyone be interested to bring in as the...
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    If Zach Wilson is out of range, should the pick be OT or QB?

    Lawrence and Fields will go top 3 I believe. Trey Lance and Wilson will be the next 2 QBs off the board and I've seen different mocks where sometimes Wilson comes off first, and others where Lance comes off first. If the Bears win a few more games and choose not to trade away draft picks to...
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    JT Daniels

    I think he has a lot of upside. Injured early last season and transferred to UGA. UGA homer here, so trying not to be biased, but he has a ton of tools to work with. 6’3, 210 lbs, great arm, quick release, good accuracy. If Wilson and Trey Lance are gone, go OT (Christian Darrisaw please) in...
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    What to do at QB in 2021

    Mitch is gone, thankfully. Seems like a good guy and I hope his career goes in the right direction when he doesn’t have a lunatic as his head coach. Im done with Foles. I realize he carries a 10 mil cap hit next year, but management needs to accept that as sunk cost and move on. If whoever...
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    Ryan Nall

    No, he is not a future HOF player. But he shows a small piece of the overall picture of the shitshow we are witnessing. With injuries, lack of talent, etc, good coaches know how to utilize all of their players while emphasizing their strengths. Nall can be used as a hybrid FB/RB to help open...
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    The OL Moving Forward

    ...hopefully not over a cliff. As it stands, Leno-Daniels-Whitehair will man the left side and C positions. I think by the time the season starts (if there is even a season), Bars and Spriggs will man the right side. It was very obvious that Pace is comfortable with the players he has, and...
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    Should ARob be paid Amari Cooper money?

    I’m a big fan of Robinson. He is the best player on offense, by a wide margin. True professional. Don’t know if he’s elite like Julio or Hopkins, but I think he is a legit WR1. Should Pace pay him 20mil/season? That’s probably the ballpark Robinson will demand to be in, or he’ll test FA...
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    Mock Draft and the Cap in 2021

    So I am reading a lot of doom and gloom in multiple threads regarding the Bears' cap situation this year. And it is indeed limited. But that got me thinking about a few things: what are our positions of need and how do the current contracts roll into 2021. What I found was truly interesting...