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    Jeez. Pace showing he learns from his past mistakes.

    Wanting to be optimistic with the great moves that Pace has made so far. Don’t see the substantial offensive talent being enough for Nagy to take the O to the next level. Still inept play calling, Terrible clock management. Be you you culture. Hopeful but Nagy is still Nagy which is my concern...
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    Wait, what, no Wilson?

    My refresh must not be working.
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    Love me some QB roulette

    LOL at the fans who think trading away the future to get a QB the likes of Watson or Wilson will make a NET difference in a positive way. Y'all suckers. Watson would get killed behind the Bears OL, Wilson would also get killed, but just sent to an earlier grave. Problem is Nagy and Pace...
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    What's their pitch?

    Clearly Pace and Nagy are good at selling to incompetent NFL ownership and an executive. "Collaboration, all the pieces are in place, did I mention collaboration and being on the same page, synergies, progress, stability, more collaboration, et all". But how in the F do they have a chance at...
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    In consideration of Matt Nagy's Legacy

    If in fact Nagy gets canned (yeah) what would his legacy in Chicago be (besides transforming a marginally-competent offensive unit into the Greatest (shit) Show on Turf in a mere 3 seasons, refining Mitch's ability to quickly identify and hit the open defender, and giving new life and...
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    Props to ahem, cough, gag, Packers

    Gotta give the Green and piss Yellow team from the North their props as they are clearly the superior team compared to this Bears cluster. The brain trusts of Nagy and Pagano threw their best at them and still couldn't compete in any meaningful way. That said, If I'm a Packers fan, I'd be so...
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    Toast of the Town Trusinsky

    If he balls out and beats the Whackers he'll be the toast of the town. Ponder that.
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    2020 go figure.

    I guess anything can happen, even if we never expected it, and it can be good. Blessings to you all and your families. Even if the Bears mess this silver platter opportunity!