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  1. KingInTheNorth

    OT Packers Reach for CB

    Packers take 10th ranked CB with 29th pick.
  2. KingInTheNorth

    The forgotten Riley Ridley

    I was listening to the latest TTNL video with Ryan Nall and David Montgomery. Draft Dr Phil was talking about how every time RR gets a shot he makes plays, such as the Titans game last year. He went on to ask Ryan Nall what player he thought would breakout this season, and Ryan said RR. I know...
  3. KingInTheNorth

    What realistic pick will shore up the LT spot?

    I believe it is: Rashard Slater from Northwestern or Christian Darrisaw from Virginia Tech With either of those two drafted, I think we are set at the left tackle spots. What are your thoughts?
  4. KingInTheNorth

    Bears linked to Trent Williams

    If the bears sign Trent, do you think he has enough left in the tank to solidify the LT spot?
  5. KingInTheNorth

    Panthers in intensive Covid-19 protocol

    Panthers in intensive protocol after Falcons DT placed on reserve/COVID-19 list. While this is likely not to effect effect anything long-term, it is causing the building to be shut down which could impact preparation for Sundays game...
  6. KingInTheNorth

    Worst Commentary in the NFL

    Jonathan Vilma is such an awful commentator. Its like he harbors so resentment toward the Bears. Was singing the Falcons victory praises until the Bears started coming back, then it became all about how the Falcons were imploding (just like Detroit week 1). Foles was making great throws and the...
  7. KingInTheNorth

    Allen Robinson Gets His Extension

    Adam Schefter ➐ @MrAdamSchefter · 8h The Chicago Bears and WR Allen Robinson are finalizing a 4 yr, $76M deal, sources tell ESPN. This deal also offers a $15M signing bonus, thus making him the 6th highest paid WR in the league.
  8. KingInTheNorth

    Bilal Nichols will go to the Pro Bowl this year

    He has the athleticism and work ethic.
  9. KingInTheNorth

    Bear Report Film Room: Mitch Trubisky Missed Opportunities for Chicago Bears

    I found a decent YouTube video on Mitch Trubisky's missed opportunities from last season.
  10. KingInTheNorth

    Trubisky says "This is my team" Little does he know...
  11. KingInTheNorth

    Cole Kmet Cried When Bears Lost the Superbowl

    TE Cole Kmet told @JeffJoniak that he cried when the Bears lost to the Colts in the Super Bowl. Great we have another overgrown soft TE.
  12. KingInTheNorth

    CBS Sports Gives Bears and A for WR Darnell Mooney

    Chris Trapasso gives the pick an 'A': "Mooney is a Tyler Lockett type of small WR with burner speed, nice twitch and awesome contested-catch skill. Not fun to see in space for defenders. Quality depth for Chicago."...
  13. KingInTheNorth

    Some Experts Grade Johnson Pick an A
  14. KingInTheNorth

    Will Nagy Use 2 QB Formations

    We all know Nagy loves to get cute. Do you think he will devise any formations with Foles and Trubisky in the backfield? Sean Payton uses this formation frequently with Tyson Hill. Trubisky may be an awful QB at times, he probably has a better arm than Tyson Hill and is close to his speed and...
  15. KingInTheNorth

    Where is Riley Ridley?

    I heard the announcer say his name when I first turned on the stream, but I haven't seen him. Has he played?
  16. KingInTheNorth

    David Montgomery Ranks Third as OROY Candidate just came out with an article ranking all the offensive rookies who stand the best chance to win Offensive Rookie of The Year. 3) David Montgomery, RB, Chicago Bears Of all the running backs in the 2019 draft, Montgomery might be the safest, based on his size, toughness and creativity...
  17. KingInTheNorth

    NFL Votes for Pass Interference Non-calls Reviewable

    The NFL is installing a new rule where pivotal pass Interference non-calls can be reviewed and overturned a few times throughout a game.
  18. KingInTheNorth

    Ha Ha Dix Says "Bears were an Eddie Jackson away from a superbowl"

    “You see so many guys get to the end of their careers, their successful careers, and now they’re trying to chase a ring,” Clinton-Dix said. “I have the opportunity to do that in my prime. If you ask me, Chicago was an Eddie Jackson away from winning a Super Bowl last year. So if there was any...
  19. KingInTheNorth

    What Would It Take to Get Antonio Brown?

    Could you imagine Trubisky having Brown. I know it is a pipedream but what would it take to get Antonio on the Bears? Considering we don't have many draft picks in the next couple of drafts, maybe we could trade players. What do you think?