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    ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - Day 3

    Simi would be a great selection
  2. J

    If the Bears fail to add a QB Tonight

    Isn’t the 2nd round tomorrow, lol. Draft the next LT and get Mills in the 2nd. Give him a year to sit the bench aka Rogers and Mahomey!
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    How do the Bear draft their QB?

    Trade back from 20 to the later part of the first. Draft LT Walker Little and Mills with the 2nd. Draft a RT with one of the 3rds from the trade back. Hopefully have bookend tackles for years. Pick up the Stanford WR with crazy stats at the combine in the 4th or 5th. Mills will be set next year...
  4. J

    Would you ever not be a Bears fan ?

    Funny you said that. I am a Bears fan and my wife rolls with the Steelers, lol
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    Chris Simms QB rankings

    Draft OT with the first pick. Draft Mills with the 2nd pick. Get a WR with the 3rd and defense after that. Dalton won’t be here next year or he will be a backup. After sitting a year, Mills becomes the starter we need and we have some talent still on the o line.
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    Kadarius Toney breakdown

    Bears select Toney in the first and Trask in the 2nd. Super Bowl!!!
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    What if the Bears had NOT signed Andy Dalton

    Is Cutler still available?
  8. J

    Micheal Parsons fell to 20th

    Yes, as another PSU fan, you replace Danny. He has way too much upside not to.
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    Rodgers Bears Defense On 72 yarder Easy

    Play should have been blown dead. Play clock was on zero before the snap.