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  1. The Apostate

    Would you ever not be a Bears fan ?

    I'm with the rest of you as regards giving up football before giving up the Bears, but...that's actually how I took my screen name. An apostate is someone who gives up their faith, and the faith I gave up was my faith in the Bears. I was as big a meatball as anyone here. I grew up watching...
  2. The Apostate

    They are channelling the legendary Sly Stone

    @Scoot26 , too lazy to read rules. Pederasty a bannable offense?
  3. The Apostate

    2020 Poster of the Year *NOMINATIONS* Main Thread

    Whaaaaaa...? No @Omeletpants? So this whole thing is just some kind of farce then? OK fine. Then I'll go with @Ares for general overall awesomeness @fatbeard for actual informed insights in B&I And, assuming Mods aren't eligible ('cause @Scoot26 is aces in my book), I'll also go with...
  4. The Apostate

    Most expensive restaurant

    Yeah, that's not even close to the most expensive, here's a bill from the French Laundry in Napa, supposedly for a table of two.
  5. The Apostate

    CoronaPocalypse is Upon Us. What survival skills will you bring to the CCS compound?

    Having reviewed all posts on this thread I have reached the inescapable conclusion that all of you are probably going to die in the Coronapocolypse (well, except for @Ares whom I will keep for fighting in my Rango pit). As an old fart I have these things called "books". I have hard copies of...
  6. The Apostate

    CoronaPocalypse is Upon Us. What survival skills will you bring to the CCS compound?

    Naw, fuck that I say let Ommy in. The plan is every Saturday night we put @Ares in a pit with a baseball bat full of nails, then we throw in Ommy dressed up in a pigeon costume. Then we sit back, drink TBD's hooch, make bets, and cheer on Ares Mad Max style. If the action slows down too much we...
  7. The Apostate

    Favorite dystopian novels

    Thanks. As I recall "Lucifer's Hammer" was the one that first whet my appetite for the genre. It wasn't as good when I reread it as an adult but it's still the reason I keep a copy of "The Way Things Work: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Technology " on my desk at all times. After all, you never...
  8. The Apostate

    Favorite dystopian novels

    “All right then," said the savage defiantly, I'm claiming the right to be unhappy." "Not to mention the right to grow old and ugly and impotent; the right to have syphilis and cancer; the right to have too little to eat, the right to be lousy; the right to live in constant apprehension of what...
  9. The Apostate

    Favorite dystopian novels

    Given our current situation I've a taste for revisiting some old reads and maybe some new ones if recommended highly enough. What are you're favorites of the genre? Some to pick from: The Stand by Stephen King 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell Brave New World by Aldous Huxley The...
  10. The Apostate

    What time is it?

  11. The Apostate

    Festa dei sette pesci?

    My wife is very Italian and one of her family traditions is to source a couple of whole branzino, stuff the cavity with fresh rosemary and lemons and grill whole. Simple and delicious.
  12. The Apostate

    Festa dei sette pesci?

    Not most likely, almost certainly because it's the law. "Most would be even more surprised to learn that if the sushi has not been frozen, it is illegal to serve it in the United States"
  13. The Apostate

    Guilty Pleasures

    Why not some J-Metal?
  14. The Apostate

    Favorite Cologne

    This, so much. I rarely indulge, but when I do I always remember Coco Chanel's famous advice that colognes are to be discovered, not announced. This is probably a consequence of walking into too many clubs back in the early eighties and hitting a literal wall of British Sterling/English...
  15. The Apostate

    Cast Iron Cooking

    A few years ago one of my nephews got into cast iron cooking in a big way. His current hobby is frequenting garage/estate sales and grabbing every cast iron piece he can find and restoring them, which he then hands out to family members at Christmas, birthdays, pretty much any occasion that...
  16. The Apostate

    OFFICIAL - Top Sandwiches as determined by CCS

    True story: my son is a Doctor of Microbiology and a very serious amateur baker. Last year when he had to attend a seminar in San Francisco he brought a bunch of petri dishes filled with agar just so he could isolate local yeasts for future sourdoughs. That sir, is what you call dedication to...
  17. The Apostate

    Nvan + CCS FF League Shitposting

    OK, so Nvans' a mod now? I honestly hadn't noticed that before. Firstly, congratulations and well deserved. Secondly, taking this from another posters inferences, will you be putting up a poll on which conservative posters should be permabanned or should we just DM you with our own lists...
  18. The Apostate

    The Urblock Thread: Volume Four (Fox News Petting Zoo Edition)

    Found him boys! Here he is in all his glory, the elusive Urblock in his native environment, in full mating regalia no less!
  19. The Apostate

    The Urblock Thread: Volume Four (Fox News Petting Zoo Edition)

    Too tall and too normal looking. Urblocks always angry or drunk or both simultaneously, and most people I know like that are usually angry and drunk over something. I can see him being an older fatter version of this guy...
  20. The Apostate

    The Urblock Thread: Volume Four (Fox News Petting Zoo Edition)

    Agreed. I've always imagined Urblock as being a croc wearing, 5'5", 350 pounder, balding with a gray goatee and multiple chins, in stained cargo shorts, and a slightly torn Trump/MAGA/flag T-shirt, who always stops for a moment in the entrance of his grocery store to gaze wistfully at the...