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  1. fatkid73

    PFF, mock draft simulator, with trades!

    Mocks are fun...not super realistic tho:
  2. fatkid73

    What offensive tackle do you want at twenty?

    I would like to see Jenkins in the 1 and trade back in to the 4th round and get Spenser Brown. To me, you could plug Jenkins in at RT day 1 and groom Brown to be your LT1 later this year or next. Hopefully we would have bookends for the next 10 years.
  3. fatkid73

    Prisco’s CBS mock: Bears take Davis Mills at 20.

    I just don't see this guy being a first round pick. He has been inconsistent and injury prone his entire career. He has less experience than Tru had coming out. I hope Pace will not make that mistake again. I would take him MAYBE in the forth. I doubt he will be there at that point because...
  4. fatkid73

    PFF: Bears should trade up for Justin Fields

    If we keep trading draft picks, we will continue to be in cap hell. You have to have draft picks to replace aging vets on bloated contracts. With no draft picks, the roster will continue to age and we will continue to have to take castoffs in FA to fill holes. Three firsts plus is way to much...
  5. fatkid73

    Silver Lining?

    The one good thing that may come of the lower cap situation is there are sure to be quite a few cap casualties. These vets may have to take short term deals below normal market value for this season. May be some quality FA's on the market this year where there would not normally be.
  6. fatkid73

    Wilson trade update

    He played at Wisconsin. Maybe a connection there somehow.
  7. fatkid73

    What non QB do you want in the draft?

    Kyle Pitts..I know he is the last position we need right now, but I think he is going to be an absolute BEAST.
  8. fatkid73

    Titans Vs Green Bay

    If the Packers win, they lock in the #1 seed correct?
  9. fatkid73

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Lions (Battle 4 Da Basement Edition)

    Mack and Quinn both get tackled on the last series, no call for either...gotta start screaming Nagy.
  10. fatkid73

    Sam Darnold to the Bears? It is going to be tough to get any of the top QB's in the draft picking at 15-20. I have never been a big Darnold fan, but it may make sense to see what it would take to get a guy with possibly some...
  11. fatkid73

    OT - RB Cook to Hold Out

    Not sure what kind of leverage he thinks he has. He has had only 1 season where he is healthy. He wants McCaffery money. I don't see any way he gets anywhere near that. 11-12MM per tops would be my guess. Just cannot pay RB's that kind of money. Ask the Rams.
  12. fatkid73

    Mike Singletary goes 1-21 as High School football coach

    Bill Belichick seems to do alright and he does not seem to care about players feelings or connecting with the culture.
  13. fatkid73

    Bears the second worst team in the NFL?

    That's just silly. The Bears have AT MINIMUM a top 5 defense. The offense would have to be so historically bad to be 31. Too much talent on the offense to be that bad. Matt Miller is a joke.
  14. fatkid73

    What realistic move would you need the Bears to make to get you excited about this season?

    OL upgrade is a must. I think we have a couple of options here. I have not heard anyone talk about it, but we could bring in a FA guard OR center. Not sure there are any top tier Centers available in FA, but they typically come a bit cheaper I think. Daniels has proven he is not ready for C...
  15. fatkid73

    Jimmy Garoppolo Does Not Pass the Eye Test

    What is this pocket you speak of? When Trubisky has a clean pocket he seems to deliver the ball with confidence and accuracy. When he gets pressure up the middle is when things go bad. Our oline is more of an issue than Trubisky IMO. He is constantly having to move around in the pocket and...
  16. fatkid73

    Khalil Mack leads NFL in QB hurries

    I think the issue is there is no push up the middle allowing the QB to just step up in the pocket to avoid Mack. I think Mack misses Hicks' inside push.
  17. fatkid73

    Abdullah anderson another steal at dline ???

    I don't think that was a boot. I think it was his knee brace pulled down.
  18. fatkid73

    Taco(s) anyone?

    Because we have a player that has been on the field for 24 defensive snaps this year and he has provided 1 Tackle and 0 impact in Isaiah Irving. Mack and Floyd were on the field way too much in Denver and were CLEARLY GASSED at the end of the game. If the offense is going to struggle to move...
  19. fatkid73

    Taco(s) anyone?

    I know we have brought in a few different pass rushers for a look see this week. Sounds like the Cowboys are about to cut Taco Charlton. Former first rounder worth a look?
  20. fatkid73

    Broncos Two Point Conversion play

    I did not have sound during the game, can someone explain how the Broncos got the 2pt try from the 1? It was a penalty on Denver for 5 yards, and an offsides on the Bears for what I thought should have been half the distance to the goal which should have been ball on the 4. What gives?