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    Steve Cishek to our Sox

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    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Not a fan. Career slash line of 261/320/435 (755), 92 wRC+, 1.7 fWAR. -15 DRS in RF LMAFOOOO Sox are so fucking bad.
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    Rosen or Bust.

    Don't @ me. We're not winning shit with Mitch, even if the Oline bounces back. Buy low on Rosen. Higher football IQ More talent Higher upside. Rosen has been bad but he's been on a tanking Dolphins and a shitshow Cardinals team last year. If you're mean to me @zack54attack will ban you.
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    How Would You Rank The Starters on Defence?

    Of the 11, or 12 if you count the , starters on the defence what order would you rank the them 1-11/12?
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    *2018-2019 Offseason Discussion Thread*

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    *2018-2019 Offseason Rumours Thread*

    put that junk in this trunk
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    David Fales Question.

    Admittingly, my football knowledge is limited so maybe I can't see the forest through the trees here, but why does he never get any snaps? Like, they literally had a ton of time this season to see what he has. He had decent college numbers, no? Is it because he's from the last regime? Idk...
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    *2015 AL Central Thread*

    Talk Pussies, Twinks, Jndians, and Regicides here.
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    What is your White Sox offseason plan?

    What do you want the Sox to do in the offseason? Share your idea of what you would do this offseason. Be it trade, free agent, or whatever.
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    White Sox Trade Deadline Coverage Discussion Thread

    Sox are seven under. Post all trade rumour, and deadline info here please. :)
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    Sox acquire Shawn Hill

    Colleen Kane ‏@ChiTribKane 1m The White Sox have acquired RHP Shawn Hill from the Blue Jays in exchange for cash. He has been assigned to AAA Charlotte. Rotation depth it seems. Last pitched in the majors in 2012 with Toronto: 0.00 ERA/ 5.09 FIP / 5.58 xFIP / 5.21 SIERA Spent 2013 with AAA...
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    La Russa named President of DBags Baseball Operations
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    Breaking Down Ramirez' Hot Streak

    I wrote it while I was drinking, I hope its easy to digest.
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    OT: Pussies lock up Drinky

    10 years, 300M+. Good luck with that.
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    Can our player please be in a home uniform on the forum tag? Why is Danks in an away uniform? Just the CUBS MODS trying to stick it ot the SOX. SOX ARE AN AWAY TEAM IN THEIR OWN CITY
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    Mount Rushmore: Sox Edition

    I liked the Cubs' version, so I stole it. Luke Appling Frank Thomas Eddie Collins Ted Lyons In b4: Buehrle, Paulie, Ventura, and Dye!!!1
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    i have something to say:

    its been a rough year. for all of us. it doesn't matter your skin colour, creed, social class, political party, sexuality, religion, or whatever else they say to try to divide us. let us rememver that at the end of the day, its all about what really important. trees. yes. trees. i was skept...
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    Gap between Cubs’ resources, spending could lengthen rebuild