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  1. nickofypres

    PECOTA projects Six to finish 3rd in Division

    Need another SP, RH/DH and I’d be down. But unless it’s off the scrapheap or some washed up vet, they won’t get it
  2. nickofypres

    Deon Bush resigned

    Dion Bush resigned from what?
  3. nickofypres

    I like the Nick Foles trade

    Control the lines, control the game.
  4. nickofypres

    I like the Nick Foles trade

    Foles sucks. Mitch sucks. Pace sucks. Trump sucks.
  5. nickofypres

    MLB Season/Coronavirus

    First time in almost a decade we have a non shit team and we have a global pandemic
  6. nickofypres

    2020 Spring Training Thread

    Cease had a great start against MIL the other day.
  7. nickofypres

    Who gets the next extension?

    Gotta be Giolitto
  8. nickofypres

    Yoan Moncada extension.

  9. nickofypres

    Predict the White Sox.....

    SS Anderson 3B Moncada 1B Abreu LF Jimenez C Grandal DH EE CF Robert RF Mazara 2B Garcia
  10. nickofypres

    When does Madrigal come up?

    After the extra year of control deadline.
  11. nickofypres

    Marquee Sports Network

    they're not
  12. nickofypres

    Good Read on Luis Robert

    Kid is gonna be a stud.
  13. nickofypres

    Yoan Moncada extension.

    that would be amazing.
  14. nickofypres

    2020 Spring Training Thread

    Spring training? Ahh...