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    Fuck me for oversharing but I figure it's a good as topic in the Bar as any. We lost our beloved kitty, Burroughs, this month. He was a mutt rescue in New Mexico but had all the hallmarks of some Maine Coon being his progenitor. him as a baby after breaking his leg trying to jump on a window...
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    When is the draft?

    Does anybody know?
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    My brother just flew jimmy graham around in a b-17

    I asked him to ask jimmy what he thought of trubtitsky but graham didn’t take the bait
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    Rona Hobbies/Duolingo

    I am caught up on Snowfall (thanks @BEARZOMBIE ) on Hulu and Hiter's Home Movies (c/o Eva Braun) on Prime is kind of boring so I am doing cleanup on Duolingo. I love languages and am up to 17. Join me on Duolingo and I will smoke you and we can talk about bears QB in multiple patoises
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    Alex Smith

  6. tardigrade

    Movie Tropes That Make No Sense In Reality

    1. Hearing a busy signal after someone hangs up 2. People everywhere always having the news on so the plot can move forward 3. Space marines wearing camouflage What are yours
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    Imagine Omelet in the 21st Century Sales Environment

    He would be frogmarched out of the building after lauding Lotus Notes and before he could say ‘Always Be Closing’
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    CordPat is a liability

    I would rather have automatic touchbacks or turnovers on downs than see this turd boy see the field again
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    Fun Tard Facts (Possibly Wrong)

    Have the Bears gotten the ball to open (voluntarily or otherwise) the second half only once this season?
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    Should CordPat stop trying to hate touchbacks?

    Title says it all
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    Not OT: Tre Burton looked good today

    Maybe he isn’t an anxious thug?
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    Bob Rohrman is Dead

  13. tardigrade

    Neighbor Etiquette

    So, we live in a townhome association where all our garages face a common driveway not far from Chinatown on Chicago’s Southwest side. The units are spacious but not a lot of outdoor ‘real estate’, so we installed a retractable screen in our garage to turn it into a veranda on hot summer nights...
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    Unnamed NFL player files lawsuit against United Airlines over sexual assault Thug
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    OT: The Detroit Lions announce their schedule on Animal Crossing
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    Tard Daily Music Thread

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    OT: Will Baker Mayfield Undouche or Bust?

    I was really disappointed by him last season
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    Omelet Wake-Up Watch

    All times CT 5/7/2020: 1 PM
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    Kristin Cavallari divorcing ‘lazy’ Jay Cutler because he was ‘unmotivated’

    Don't like the article? Fuck you.
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    Who is your favorite underrated Bear!

    I’ll start. Earl Bennett