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    Tarik Cohen's brother is missing!

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    Justin Fields Stolen from he Waiting Hands of the Vikes

    So by picking Justin Fields, we guaranteed at least 2 more years of Kirk Cousins starting in MINN and then maybe a few more years of realizing Kellen Mond sucks and not having to face JFF twice a year for 15 yrs. That might have been worth the extra 1st all by itself Vikings alter Kirk Cousins...
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    ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - Day 3

    Come on @zack54attack, get it together. It's day 3.
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    Broncos GM explains draft-altering decision to pass on Justin Fields

    Broncos fan has gotta be like: “Drew’s been working hard every day,” ... “Teddy’s going to bring some experience to the room, some leadership. So we’re really excited for both quarterbacks." Are you fucking kidding me?! The Broncos made the...
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    Time for Pace addition by subtraction.

    Time to sell some assets, even for dimes on the dollar vs original cost for a few more picks. Foles for a 6/7, hell give him away, it saves $1.3 M in cap this season and $8M next. Just get him off the cap! Ant Mill a 5/6 possibly ARIII for a 2/3 would leave a hole but you could then go get a...
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    Bears are getting Russell Wilson, baby!!!!!

    In an article that leaves even SportsMockery with it's jaw dropped. TLDR version 1)As part of the blockbuster deal for Brown, Kansas City had to give up its first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft among other assets. Thus, the Baltimore Ravens now have the 27th and 31st overall picks in the...
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    Dalton contract and the 2022 Bears cap

    We all know Pace has fucked the Bears for next season, but I'm not sure how many understand how fucked he has the Bears long term. Pace's use of the salary cap is like a 25 year old that has 3x his net worth owed on credit cards and just keeps transfering the balance to new ones with higher...
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    The Bears just spent $10-13M to get worse

    Anyone trying to justify this with, "this only makes sense if they draft..." or" if this is the only QB move..." is just deluded. There is zero, zilch, nada that makes this anything but the dumbest signing I have ever seen. He literally has a younger, better (maybe less bad is more accurate)...
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    Nagy resigns, citing Andy Dalton signing

    won't be effective until 2022 but it is a lock. Andy Dalton is the missing piece to Matt Nagy's offense, said no one ever.
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    So does this mean Mack is 100% part of the Wilson trade?

    The Bears converted a portion of Mack's salary to signing bonus to save cap space... or did they? One of the major sticking points in any Wilson trade has got to be the $39M SB cap hit SEA will incur. What if the Bears offered them Mack and said they would pay a big portion of his salary this...
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    The reality of a Watson/Wilson trade.

    Sure, both would instantly become the likely best QB in franchise. That said, the reality is the Bears would likely be in a 3-4 yr rebuild mode around that QB. The Bears have deficiencies at LT, RT, WR, ILB, NB at the very least and would likely be looking at additional holes at MLB and CB as...
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    Russell ------------------------------- Wilson?

    Which budget athletic wear brand is better?
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    The three QB moves I see as most likely to be played by Pace.

    I will say I did buy into the bullshit of the Bears being after Wentz. But I now see these 3 paths as the most likely for Pace to follow in his search for a QB. I can't see him going after the likes of Winston, Newton, Ryan,Dalton. So here is what I see as most likely in decending order of...
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    Does Alex Leatherwood fit with the Chicago Bears?

    So funny side story. Years back, this kid acted as a teenage bouncer at Prom House ( large beach rental that over 100 kids show up at every year after the local HS prom). Cops showed up and he ran through the stilt house's lattice blow out wall like the Koolaid man. Tearing shit up as he...
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    Do you make this move if you are Pace

    Trade #20, Jaylon Johnson,2022 2nd Rd and Akiem Hicks to LV for Carr, Then use the $10M saved on Hicks to sign Watt to a 3 yr $33M ($24M guaranteed)contract? $12M SB $4M 2021 Cap# $8M $8M 2022 Cap# $12M ($8M to cut) $9M 2023 (non guaranteed) Cap# $13M ( $4M to cut)
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    In 2023 Mitch Trubisky will be...

    What is you #called it
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    I spy ...AR

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    Facial jockstrap halftime show

    Just sayin' :blank: