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  1. Broc

    Just when I think Ryan Pace couldn't possibly get any dumber

    He goes and does something like this... AND TOTALLY PROVES ME RIGHT!!!! Cut to next month when Pace trades the farm to move up and draft a QB (who will inevitably be the bust of the class).
  2. Broc

    Week 10 Game Review - who's to blame? (hint: Nagy's offense)

    Drive 1: Miller is open but Foles is indecisive and double clutches before throwing the ball resulting in it being high and behind causing the INT Gif link Drive 2: Stalls in the redzone... 1st and goal - mental mistake by Foles trying to force it to Graham. Should of gone immediately...
  3. Broc

    Are there any Nagy believers still here?

    Genuinely curious how many supporters are left after this latest vintage Matt Nagy bed shitting. His OL (which was bottom of the league even when the starters healthy) is down to 4th stringers and this clown continues to double down like a degenerate gambler. Yup, let's continue trying to...
  4. Broc

    Faking this injury is the best read Trubisky's ever made

    I bet it was hard for him not to laugh in Nagy's face when Nagy pitched his new wildcat role on offense. "Sure coach, I know you scapegoated me for your shit offense a few weeks ago, but let me sacrifice my body and fuck myself over for my new team next year while you desperately throw shit...
  5. Broc

    I'd like to thank Matt Nagy...

    ...for vindicating my long standing opinion that he's in over his head and sucks at his job. Between his inability to hold anyone accountable (Leno), the lack of identity 3 years into his tenure, the head-scratching personnel decisions, and the remedial play calling it's hard to justify his...
  6. Broc

    2019 Offense Review as told by All-22 gifs

    WEEK 1 Prophetic start. First drive killing sack of the season. The first Nagy head scratcher of the season. When Mike Davis was still a thing... (bonus: 😂 @ Braunecker) 2nd and 40 (WTF!) missed momentum changer. First back-breaker of the season. WEEK 2 First play of the game...
  7. Broc

    2019 Bears Season Review as told by Reaction GIFs

    Enjoy... Week 1: vs Green Bay - LOSS: 10-3 Week 2: @ Denver - WIN: 16-14 Week 3: @ Washington - WIN: 31-15 Week 4: vs Minnesota - WIN: 16-6 Week 5: @ Oakland- LOSS: 21-24 Week 6: BYE Week 7: vs New Orleans - LOSS: 36-25 Week 8: vs LA C - LOSS: 16-17 Week 9: @...
  8. Broc

    Nagy and his RPO need to go

    I'd love to hear Nagy defend his ridiculous pass first RPO scheme and overall offensive philosophy here. You have the worst OL in the league and a QB that struggles to read the field and make correct decisions... Please explain yourself Matt. You don't run the ball so the RPO fakes are...
  9. Broc

    Breaking News: Nagy's arrogance/ego

    Not sure if any of you guys listen to Bears Barroom Last Call after the games but if not you missed out on this little gem of inside info at the 1 hour 21 min mark. Fucking wow. I know everyone wants to scapegoat Mitch for this season but it's become more and more clear that Nagy is the...
  10. Broc

    Season on the line, Bears roll over and die.

    Quintessential Bears game. Slim playoff hopes on the line, come out and lay an egg. Yet another prime time nationally televised embarrassment. Offense ineptitude at every level. Giving up back breaking big plays in the most inopportune moments. Mack in witness protection no where to be...
  11. Broc

    Tape Never Lies - Week 9

    Enjoy :sick:🤮
  12. Broc

    Breaking down the Bears' offensive problems

    No clue who this guy is but spot on breakdown... (y)
  13. Broc

    Nagy is a bigger disappointment than Mitch... change my mind

    To begin, I'll start by digging up an old quote from my draft reaction thread back in May 2017... Hopefully this helps provide a bit of context as to why I'm so apathetic regarding Trubisky. Simply put, it's hard to be very disappointed in a guy you never really expected much from to begin...
  14. Broc

    ALL-22: Nagy, RPO, and bye-week "self-scouting"

    Last week Nagy talked about how the coaching staff would be using the bye week to "self scout" and make improvements. Then news breaks that Long was going to IR and that Coward would be starting in his place. I, like many Bears fan's I'm sure, assumed all the "self scouting" talk and the...
  15. Broc

    Week 5: Bears Offense as told by All-22 Gifs

    Opening drive. Just converted 2 first downs. Favorable 2nd and 5 on Oak 46... Leno whiffs and holds. Long doesn't know who to hit, ends up hitting no one. Queue up 2nd and 15. Wims open for a big first down... but no throw... Pocket angle: Leno loses 1-on-1 gives up sack just as...
  16. Broc

    Nagy: play calling and offensive identity.

    Let me preface this by asking that we keep this thread focused on Nagy. Plenty of other threads to whine about Trubisky. K thanks. That said, as much as people are frustrated with some of the players I'm even more frustrated with Nagy, his play calling, and the overall offensive identity (or...