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  1. Wild_x_Card

    Nagy confirms they will install some of the OSU plays/concepts to give Fields a head start

    Kinda refreshing to hear. The last thing I wanted for this kid was that Nagy was going to force his playbook down Justin's throat like he did with Mitch the first year. Also helps that Ryan Day runs a pretty pro style centric offense.
  2. Wild_x_Card

    Former Wisconsin QB and analyst for the athletic Nate Tice film breakdown Fields tape live

    Here in a few mins with Hoge & Jahns. For the football geeks interested.
  3. Wild_x_Card

    A bears fan compilation video reacting to the Fields pick in real time

    Why is it that "let's go!" Is suddenly like universal language for genuine excitement? The same phrase was flying around my house too. Just some random weirdo shit I think about.
  4. Wild_x_Card

    Nagy calls Thomas Graham jr and the phone melts

    Good stuff.
  5. Wild_x_Card

    Video: T.J on being drafted by the bears

    Looking like PVT Leonard from full metal jacket n shit
  6. Wild_x_Card

    Fields live presser from Halas Hall

    You can rewind to the beginning.
  7. Wild_x_Card

    ***Video*** Fields on being a bear

    I ran outta lube. I can live with the chaffing. *Edit* added the Pace taking Fields vid
  8. Wild_x_Card

    Biggs prediction for da Bears on draft night

    On the radio this morning he predicted they trade up to 4 with ATL and take Lance. Say want you want about the specific player/trade but despite what some may think on this board the bears are STILL desperate. You don't make big plays for Watson and Wilson then sit on your hands come draft...
  9. Wild_x_Card

    Kollmann gives a retrospective view on why Mitch failed with the bears

    Set the edge is his secondary channel where he offers a different type of football content. *Disclaimer* it's wildly depressing but entertaining if you're a sucker for pain. The bears are also his 2nd favorite team behind the Texans so he's no stranger to the doldrums of inner sorrow.
  10. Wild_x_Card

    A fairly interesting & detailed time line review of..

    The Wilson/Carroll debacle. Aside the the manz voice being like nails onna chalkboard, it's worth a watch.
  11. Wild_x_Card

    Kollmann Senior Bowl recap live stream

    He'll be doing this as a daily format up until the game. Should be live any minute. Great for people like me who work all day and can't keep up with it.
  12. Wild_x_Card

    My not so hot take on a college prospect

    I just finished watching the last of 8 games of Devonta Smiths college career. This isn't bears related as they have no shot at him but just wanted to share some quick thoughts. He very well maybe the best Wr prospect I've ever seen. The only thing I can knock him on (and I'm not even sure it's...
  13. Wild_x_Card

    ***OFFICIAL*** around the league offseason moves

    Elway just stepped down as GM and Anthony Lynn is another coaching casualty.
  14. Wild_x_Card

    ***official watch*** Bears backdoor into the playoffs thread

    I'm flipping between the two games. I don't see how the Cardinals win in the battle of the back ups. Brutal pick 6 right before the half and a safety earlier. Wolford is at least moving the ball for the Rams.