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    Bears trade down to pick up a 7th

    Bears go down 9 spots to pick up pick 250 in the 7th
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    got our LT for the next 10 years +
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    Chicago Bears Select QB Justin Fields 11th Overall

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    /iF I was A rob

    I would just play a fake an injury wk 1, pay off the trainer and call it a season. You will have a new coach next year no matter where you go. Obviously, I'm just mad, but I do think it wise for him. No on think the Bears going to the playoffs.
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    For those who complain Bears don't draft first round linemen, the last ten first round picks the Bears have had...

    2007 31 Greg Olsen † TE Miami 2008 14 Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt 2011 29 Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin 2012 19 Shea McClellin DE Boise State 2013 20 Kyle Long † OT Oregon 2014 14 Kyle Fuller † CB Virginia...
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    A line shift thought... Bars at LT

    I remember him in one play at LT and he seemed to do better in one play at LT than Leno did that whole game. Leno flashed some plays late, but I'd rather give the kid a shot to take his spot. Leno, always been an undersized LT, challenge him to fight for his spot, or play RG where he is more...
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    Finally a TD But...

    Just running up the gut to me was just not smart. The dedicated to clogging between the tackles. I feel like they should have tried cutting it just outside of Massie. They were holding up on that part of the line. Still questionable play calling when given six tries to get 6.
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    Get me up to speed here...

    I'm sorry I have been work every bears game and have not seen anything. Someone with sense fill me in on what is going on. I saw one game with the packers and it looked like for the most part, the guys outside of Jeffery didn't do so bad to me, but I'm hearing this that and the other about what...
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    Say what you will...

    I know it's not over, and I know the odds pitching wise might be a bit against us, BUT, They still need to stop a guy who has only given up 2 runs or less in each start this postseason in Hendricks. But no matter what happens tonight. It feels like the Drought can very well end sooner rather...
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    Just a quick thought before we get way ahead of things.

    Which I know many will, but this is the first time since 07-08 where we had back to back winning seasons since the cubs won game 82 just now. I know that with the team the way they are we likely feel this could be season after season after season, but right now we have done something that in my...
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    Even though we have low expectations, it feels good to be starting a new season.

    As wel all know, there is little to hope for, but sometimes that's what can make a seemingly bad season look good. I hate to say this but what I hope happens happens and this is what I personally hope for... The trash of the past stays in the past: We need to see if any of Emery's picks o n...
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    To anyone who thought losing to Bills was bad...

    They did something the Bears couldn't do, hold the Packers below 40 points... and they are fighting for a playoff spot. Now, I don't want to seem like most people who come in to remind use that we need to change something drastic, as there are other topics for that. I just wanted that to sink...
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    Before I went to work

    I had seen the Bears d force a 3 and out even though the ball was just dropped, and I seen a 4 play drive that lead to the Bears leading 6-0. I thought to myself nothing would go wrong... So I ask as a person who just got off work, what the fuck went wrong?
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    Just a question for those paying attention to position battles

    I have not been able to really focus on the Bears, nor was I able to catch the 1st preseason game. So simple said, I just want to know if at all it looks like someone is winning to two LB jobs and the two safety jobs up for grabs. If so or not great to hear some kind of response for it. Again...
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    Would anyone say Gibson is the Six man of the year?

    I haven't heard any talks of this but I was curious. Not sure what anyone is doing around the league, but our boy Gibson I feel should at least be on of the top guys in this segment? Could be wrong.
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    Champ Bailey...

    Would you sign him for a year if you could get him at a good price. 36 or not, pretty sure he's still fairly good.
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    a Tony Snell Question

    I haven't been able to see him play much, but I was wondering what people may think of his future here? My thoughts of the short time I have seen him play (Reasons for not seeing him play include work and sometimes just having to do something else.) Is that he is good enough to play at least...
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    How did Manning play this game. I ended up having to switch shift at Jewel, which paid off for me if the Superbowl was a blowout. But I'm wondering if he looked close to Farve in that one Bears game when you saw him and you were like... should of retired.
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    For this season it is a fact!

    Every game I was suppose to work, the Bears have won. Even in the Packers game where I was suppose to work overnight. Everygame that I was set to be off (Even though tonight I was called to work extra overnight) they lose... Right now, I wish I could tell my boss to work every Sunday. I'm...