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  1. mcbear34

    Something kind of clicked - Matt Nagy holds the power now doesn't he?

    I've been thinking of this same thing over the last 3 days. Spot on- Or if Teddy hamstrung Pace and/or Nagy during the last few seasons. Because this is a complete 180 from years past. But time will tell. Overall, I'm happy.
  2. mcbear34

    Larry Borom

    He's a big dude!
  3. mcbear34

    Dalton Press Conference

  4. mcbear34

    Why the hell are you a bears fan?

    My Dad was a Cowboys fan (boo) and my Mom a Bears fan. Walter Payton sealed the deal.
  5. mcbear34

    Bears hire former Texas HC Tom Herman as an analyst

    This is coming from a great friend who knows him- he's his neighbor- "We're just along for the ride".
  6. mcbear34

    Bears hire former Texas HC Tom Herman as an analyst

    Let's throw shit to the wall and see if it sticks.
  7. mcbear34

    Small world. I hung out with Mitch’s fiancé tonight. AMA

    What was she drinking and what was she wearing?
  8. mcbear34

    “THAT” is too much for Watson...

    Man - I'm all for a stable QB for the Franchise. But we whiffed on Watson (PACE). Asshole. Why can't we just draft and groom a QB for our team for decades to come? I'm not set on mortgaging our future draft picks for a QB who is quitting on his current team. I guess I'm old school. Plus, how...
  9. mcbear34

    What is Ted Phillips smoking?

    Sounds like Dave Chappell's character-
  10. mcbear34

    Nagy/Pace staying

  11. mcbear34

    Rumor: Phillips out, Pace to President, Borgonzi to GM

    Save the neck for me Clark!
  12. mcbear34

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Jaguars (Ancient Order of the Ginger Giraffe Edition)
  13. mcbear34

    OT- Kevin Greene- RIP

    Fuck- good guy.
  14. mcbear34

    Matt Nagy kept this team together

    My 3 year old son only takes Nagy's - it's his word for needing to go poop
  15. mcbear34

    Any interest at all in Marvin Lewis for HC for Bears?

    No. To Lewis. Let's include Bill O'Brien or Jim Caldwell....but I'm not a fan of retreads. Like Fox was.
  16. mcbear34

    Harbaugh entering Bears facility

    Not a fan of Jim.