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    Full Schedule here

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    Bears and Lions biggest Week 1 underdogs

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    Rams Week 1

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    IST: Pirates @ Cubs

    And here we go..
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    Can someone list injuries sustained by Glennon, Trubisky or Foles due to poor OL play?

    Keep hearing this “ we must keep Fields safe” nonsense so I wondering
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    I’m enjoying the melt on the packers boards lol

    Yeah’ll get Chase Young, 2 other starters and multiple firsts for 37 year old Rodgers lmao GL
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    Fields Day 1 Starter.

    No excuses.
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    I’m still pissed Pace/Nagy got this opportunity

    Should have been sent packing and let a new regime handle this. Sadly this will be an excuse to keep these morons around for another 2 years plus
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    The Fields hit

    Moped would have broke in half. This kid is strong!
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    Seriously, we dumping Dalton or Files?

    Someone is out!
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    Official: Ryan Pace is a fn moron thread

    Nice pick jackass!
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    Chris Simms Mock

    Fields @32
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    IST: Cubs v Braves

    Davies is pathetic
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    Anthony Miller traded soon?

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    3rd Hardest Schedule

    Looking forward to our new HC and GM next year
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    Vegas Baby!

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    Coward sign and trade to Steelers?
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    Bears 2021 Offseason

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    We are stuck with Pace and Nagy

    This is why their contracts aren’t discussed. They are here through the rebuild. We are fucked and they don’t care. See new tv contract...
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    Moped to the Bills