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    Round 2 - Run To The Podium

    You guys seemed bored. Here’s a question for you. Seems obvious with as many holes that remain on the roster that Pace should trade trade down from 43 and maybe even 50. Is there anyone at 43 that might have a chance to fall to the Bears that is just too good to pass up making Pace run to the...
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    Minkah Fitzpatrick there at 8. Do you take him?

    More often than not lately on the fanspeak draft simulator Fitzpatrick is still available at 8. I’ve seen a few other published mocks that have him available as well. The key seems to be the NYG selecting a QB and Clev grabbing a QB and Barkley. So what is this guy? S or CB? Or will he be...
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    Starting QB's - Draft Position

    This will be long. Apologies. So being curious about the debate to draft a QB in rd 1 next year vs a later rd and develop concept, I thought I'd round up data on where existing starting QB's were drafted. By player and rd selected (somewhat in order of good to bad). Brady - 6 Rodgers - 1 Luck...
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    OLB/WR Top 10 Picks Last Decade

    Since these two positions seem to have the most discussion about our likely pick, I though it would be interesting to review these position picks in the top 10 during the last decade. OLB's taken in top 10: K. Mack (D ROY) A. Barr B. Mingo A. Smith (1 Pro Bowl) K. Rivers AJ Hawk ( had him...
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    Say we do WR in round 1

    Then what? Go back to offense in round 2 and get OL to help the run game? Or maybe grab Forte's successor with a stud RB if there? Or do we appease the we need more on defense crowd? And what position on defense is still the most in need compared to what may still be near BPA? Would we be...
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    Status on Jeffery ?

    Has there been any news on what the Bears are planning with Alshon Jeffery in regards to extending him or not? Could this be part of the issue with the halt in free agent activity? On paper it looks like we have $14 mill of cap remaining. Back off $7 for the draft class and space for in season...