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    Report: Javy Báez turned down Cubs' $180 million extension offer prior to 2020 season
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    Details of Nick Foles' contract released
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    Kris Bryant reportedly turns down 200 million extension
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    Did anyone else's Cook County property taxes just jump significantly?

    I live in the city of Chicago and my fucking property taxes just went up 50%. Growing up I was always told to buy instead of rent but now I'm seriously questioning that decision. It's no wonder why so many people are leaving this state.
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    Steven Rosenberg

    Rosenberg's schtick gets a bit old at times but hard to argue with anything he wrote in this piece.
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    Kyle Fuller

    He has to feel like shit right now. Even with Nagy's atrocious 2nd half play calling, this game is a victory had Fuller not dropped the INT. Can he live that down? Or do you think his reputation took a permanent hit today?
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    Today is the 20 year anniversary of Kerry Wood's 20 K game

    Wow, time flies by. One of the all time great pitching performances. But I think a lot of people have forgotten over time that it probably should have been a no hitter. I will never understand why this wasn't called an error. What are you thoughts?
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    Did anyone watch NIU v SDSU tonight?

    Santacaterina gave that game away. He's total trash. They were dominating on the ground and then he threw that terrible INT in the red zone with less than 3 minutes left. The defense forces a huge 3 and out and then he throws a horrendous Int again. I have never been a big Carey fan. I think...
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    Packers' Mike McCarthy still upset with 'poor call' in loss to Bears
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    DePaul Basketball

    Whom would you like to see as DePaul's next head coach? Are there any rumored favorites yet? And how can the university possibly justify AD Jean Lenti Ponsetto making another hire with her poor track record?
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    How confident are you in Emery's ability to draft defense?

    I know some of you will be upset with the mere questioning of Emery's ability to draft defense but I think it is an issue worth discussing. He has obviously done a great job rebuilding the offense and the sample size of his drafts are too small to draw conclusions either way. But it doesn't...
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    Why do most Bears fans seem to be more optimistic right now than a year ago?

    Yes, the offense got a lot better. But the team got worse in the other 2 phases of the game. Their record was also worse as well. I'm not arguing either way, just curious.
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    Very disappointed in Alshon Jeffery

    He was great this year. I'm not denying that. But he choked when it mattered must. The fumble and the drop at the end were huge.