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  1. dennehy

    Robert injury

    Ugh, sounds like he's going to out for several months. First year in a decade to really get excited for this team and two all star level OFs suffer major injuries in the first month.
  2. dennehy

    Around the NFL - Free Agency Period

    Going to be a crazy week. Packers resign Aaron Jones, $48mil/4years.
  3. dennehy

    Brady signs extension with TB

    Looks like basically just a move to clear cap space, take a little less $, spread out the cap hit. Dude is only focused on winning, still, after what he's accomplished and fucking 44 years old coming up. Incredible.
  4. dennehy

    OT: Lovie Smith new Texans DC

    Hahahaha. Talk about tanking.
  5. dennehy

    OT: Phillip Rivers retires

    Probably the first of many elite QBs over the next year or two. You have to think Brees is going to go as well, and Roethlisberger and Brady soon too.
  6. dennehy

    OT: Jets fire DC after Blitz Yesterday

    I don't know how many of you were watching Jets-Raiders (probably not many), but I happened to catch the last few minutes. Jets made a furious comeback and were in position to win their first and likely only game of the season. Probably 20 seconds left, Jets up by four, Raiders on the Jets' 46...
  7. dennehy

    OT: Cowboys players trash McCarthy

    LOL McCarthy can barely make it a month before being exposed as a fucking train wreck by his own players. From Rotoworld ticker: NFL Network's Jane Slater reports Cowboys players have begun forcefully criticizing the coaching staff after originally agreeing to "keep things internal." “Totally...
  8. dennehy

    Bears sign Lamar Miller to PS

    If healthy not a bad option, but lots of questions about his health.
  9. dennehy

    Lost in the Shuffle

    Obviously the headline in this game is Foles taking over for Trubisky, leading an epic comeback win, and rejuvenating the team and fanbase. What got lost in the shuffle? The impact that Grady Jarrett had on this game, and his loss midway through the 4th quarter, was profound. Jarrett flies...
  10. dennehy

    55 Man roster

    After discussing some positional battles yesterday and today, I decided to do a 55 man roster. Turns out those extra 2 spots make a huge difference. Here goes (mins ST which will be 3 guys): QB (3): Trubs, Foles, Bray RB (4): Monty, Cohen, Patterson, Nall/New signing (4) WR (6): ARob, AntMill...
  11. dennehy

    Mock Draft

    What fun. here goes. Trade 50 to BAL for 55 and 129. Kenneth Murray falls and Baltimore is in dire need of an ILB. Lots of picks to spare. Trade 55 to Sea for 59 and 144 to select Trayvon Diggs, a prototype CB for their system. 43: Brandon Aiyuk WR ASU 6’0 205: Remind me of Deebo Samuel...
  12. dennehy

    RRH=2nd Round tender

    Makes sense imo. I think it's about $3mil this year.
  13. dennehy

    OT: Andrew Luck Retiring

    Per espn bottom line.
  14. dennehy

    OT: Dak Turns Down $30mil/year I think Dak is a probably a bottom 12 starting QB who's only real success comes off play action and a monster...
  15. dennehy

    OT: Chad Kelly Released

    Hilarious: Now ex-teammate Von Miller had a Halloween party Monday night. Kelly apparently got too intoxicated, had physical altercations with a guest and then security. The 24-year-old somehow then ended up in a stranger's residence, sitting on the couch, mumbling incoherent words. Police...
  16. dennehy

    Richie Incognito

    Destroyed a funeral home, threatened employees, thought the government was out to get him, after his dad passed away. Just a crazy story, all the signs of advanced CTE, plus his existing issues. He beat up a...
  17. dennehy

    Esteban Loiaza

    Woops . . . 20 kilos, a bit much for personal consumption there Este. Had a couple great years with the Sox and made over $43mil in MLB.
  18. dennehy

    Likely coaching carousel

    As every year, it will be interesting to see how the coaching carousel will wind up, moreso given the obvious need for a new coach here. Here are the teams that will likely need a new coach and a stab at who might take over. Please feel free to add your own. Cleveland Browns: A total dumpster...
  19. dennehy

    Lost in the Shuffle: Amos

    There was so much shit in yesterday's game, particularly from the refs but also injuries, weekly poor WR play, spotty but encouraging play from Trubisky. Adrian Amos's outstanding play was lost in the shuffle. Aside from giving the Bears' offense one last chance with a forced fumble and...
  20. dennehy

    McPhee = surgury for torn labrum

    This guy is a bucket of bolts. Bears OLB Pernell McPhee underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder after the season. The good news is the problem was not with his troublesome knee, but it is yet another injury for a player who has struggled to stay on the field since joining the...