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    Lester signs with Nationals

    1 year deal. I see Jon and Schwarber leading Washington to the East Division crown.
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    Can Giambrone make the Cubs?

    He's only 5 ft 8, but he's played everything in the minors but catcher and pitcher. It's early, but he looks impressive 5 ft 8 first baseman?
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    Looks Like Zobrist Will Retire

    We will always remember Ben as the MVP of the 2016 World Series Congratulations on a great career, Zo! Thank you!
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    Wouldnt it be Funny if Rick Renteria Lead the Sox to a WS win?

    I am in the minority, but I never liked in when Renteria as fired and replaced by Maddon Now don't get me wrong..Joe is a good manager especially with younger players and he WAS the skipper in 2016 I personally think the 2016 Cubs had so much talent a trained chimp could have managed them...
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    I Like Ross, but the Cubs need Girardi

    If Grandpa had 5 years experience managing he'd be the perfect managerial candidate But Girardi is experienced, has won a WS, former Cub, Illinois guy and disciplinarian
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    I Know he Will be 39 but I'd sign Zobrist for a Year in 2020

    Reading some great ideas on this site for next year...Ross or Girardi manager..moving Russell, Almora, Hamels, maybe Bryant No one seems to want Zobrist As long as his numbers warrant, Ben provides versitility, a great clubhouse manner, and a veteran presence I'd like to see him back
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    Today Confirms that Joe and Lester are Gone After this Season

    Today Lester showed his age and Maddon showed why he shouldn't manage the Cubs anymore This was pathetic
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    Quit Playing Games, TheoJed. Release Russell

    Russell is sent to the minors for "baseball reasons." WHY?????? Javy has played a great shortstop, Nick Hoerner will probably start at second next year Russell would be hard to trade in the off season In the interim, you can rotate Descenzo, Note and Zobrist at 2nd
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    No Excuse for Not Trading Schwarber in off Season

    Seems like the Cubs are stuck with Schwarber again this year. They wouldn't even consider trading him because he is young, didn't cost the Cubs much, etc Hope TheoJed learned from the off season and make deals after the season to make the Cubbies a great team again
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    How soon can Hoerner replace Russell?

    I was really happy at first that the cubs wanted to bring Russell back Not so much anymore Hoerner looks like he belongs
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    Can Zagunis make the team?

    This kid looks good. Can he make the team?
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    Brewers Sign Yindall. Time for Cubs to do SOMETHING

    It's mid January, TheoJed Just sayin'
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    How About Eliminating the All Star gAme and Giving Teams a Bye Week?

    I hate All Star games in every sports as many do. I recently read about a concept some fans have suggested-eliminate the All Star gAme and give every team a 4 to 7 day bye week at different times of the season, sort of like the NFL. I like that idea
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    Schwarber supposedly not on market. Seriously??

    It's noble that the Cubs want to work with Russell and keep him.But not considering trading Schwarber is, IMO, a big mistake.To trade for talent you have to trade talent
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    How about Girardi as Cubs manager in 2020?

    If the Cubs dont extend Maddon's contract past 2019, how about hiring Girardi? Former Cub, great manager with the Yankees Illinois native
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    Would You Consider Trading Bryant?

    A year ago I would have thought no way, but I'm tired of strikeouts in key situations. I would have to get a lot in return, but if some team was willing to part with an SP and decent position player, I would consider it. And yes, I know Kris was hurt this year
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    Should the Cubs Sign Zobrist Past 2019?

    After his down year in 2017, I am pleasantly surprised that, at 37, he is having the year he is having. Love to see the Cubs Sign Zo thru 2021.
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    Anyone Still think Russell and Schwarber will be On the Cubs in 2019

    Murphy's 33, probably has at least 3 or 4 years left, and Zo, Happ and La Stella all can play infield. I would be surprised if Harper isn't signed by the Cubs. He wants to play on the North Side so bad he named his dog "Wrigley". Schwarber? Love the homers, hate the strikeouts, groundouts, etc...
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    What's up With Lester?

    The last 3 outings it looks like the rest of baseball have figured him out big time.What is he doing wrong?
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    With Emergence of Bote and Harper signing with Cubs, next year, I see Russell and S

    If Bote keeps hitting, Russell will be traded and Harper signing (if rumors are true)means Schwarber will be gone too