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    Any info on Dach's return? Is he skating?
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    The Future

    Need some help...1) are both Nagy and Pace's jobs at stake this coming season? 2) is it more likely they would both be fired or would one go and the other possibly stay? 3) If jobs are at stake, what would the Bears record have to be for either or both to keep their jobs?
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    Calling u out

    I know it's still early but IMHO it's time to recognize that this team is not the one many were hating on before the season began. Led by vets Kane, Cat and Keith, these guys are playing hard and getting points. We've found a goalie. We just took 3 points from a solid contender. And we're doing...
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    Alright Hawks fans, you've had 6 games to see the young colts in action. Excepting the obvious vets (Kane, Keith, Cat, Koob, Shaw, Zhadorov), who have u seen so far that you would keep and build a team on?
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    I'm just a casual observer but reading this blog and other Chicago media I think I'm safe in assuming that it's a better than even chance that Matt Nagy will not be returning next year. It looks like at least 4 teams might be in the hunt for a new head coach. Given recent history and everything...
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    Theo's last year

    I know he's a pro and all that much enthusiasm do you think Theo is bringing to the job these days and how much does it matter?
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    Why not the Cubs?

    Serious question...what do low payroll teams like Oakland and Tampa Bay have what the Cubs don't? Is that a fair question?
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    Am I missing something?

    Apologies if I missed it but I am surprised by the seemingly lack of enthusiasm for the Saad Zadorov trade. Hey I agree Bowman isn’t the guy to run the rebuild but we’ve been getting our butts kicked defensively by big strong forwards that it would seem Zadorov is an excellent acquisition. And...