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  1. Burque

    Pop ups

    Only happening on mobile and only on ccs
  2. Burque

    Eruv Has anyone ever seen this thing? I guess there is one in Chicago. Sounds kinda like a silly loophole to me, if you are trying to be strict than be strict, don't place...
  3. Burque

    Limitations on the search feature

    @zack54attack I was trying to find an old post of mine about Patrick Mahomes being a winner. I searched and got an error message and I think this could be an easy setting fix to make the site more searchable. I searched "Mahomes win" and in the By: member box "burque" It gave me the...
  4. Burque

    The background music thread

    So I do not think this tread will get much traction it is something that has come to my attention in the last six months so I figured I would put it out there for others thoughts. Having not gone out much this year and also not having any parties or large gatherings at the house we have only...
  5. Burque

    Time to start a Go Fund Me for a Billboard.

    Fire Nagy, Stop Being You!!!
  6. Burque

    Imagine being you....

    ..... And consistently scoring less offensive points then the opposing team. Perhaps it is time for something other than the "be you" mantra. Maybe we could go with a different mantra...
  7. Burque

    Trade offer...

    Being offered Calvin ridley straight up for DK metcalf. Go or no go?
  8. Burque

    The 1918 Spanish Flu in Pictures

    So these pictures are over 100 years old and they are a great look into the past. It was a horrible situation that pretty much nobody is still alive to talk about. The oldest living people in the world were children when it happened. I do not want to belittle the people that are in these...
  9. Burque

    All these free agent QB's! This article is about Rivers but they point out all the free agent passers that are going to be available. Considering the current cap situation and the...
  10. Burque

    Desktop Browser

    I am about done with Firefox. I can get into reasons, but basically it is about performance. Anyone have a reasonable browser that is pro privacy and runs good? I would love to hear about it. What do you use on your desktop and why? Also what do you use on mobile? I am curious what other...
  11. Burque

    Data suck

    The advertisement videos on this site are a giant data suck. Was sitting at a bar having a beer and loaded up the site. I don't have unlimited data as I don't use that much and am usually on WiFi in most places. Anyway a warning came up that I had used half my data. No worries, but I didn't...
  12. Burque

    Tank for Tua

    Any chance with the injuries and surgeries that he is available near the top of the second round? Any reason to say eff it and take a chance on him despite the injuries because of the upside? I feel like the Bears may have passed on Watson because of injuries do they jump up to get Tua if...
  13. Burque

    ***OFFICIAL*** Driskel is better than Mitchell thread

    It's obvious that we have a problem when a chit tier backup looks like Joe Montana compared to Mr dumpster fire Mitchell. That is all.
  14. Burque

    Meatballs in the stands

    What is with the fans noise level yesterday? I didn't get to watch the game live as I had another engagement, but in watching the replay I really have to wonder what the hell is up with our fan base in the stands? They are screaming at the top of their lungs when the Bears are lining up in the...
  15. Burque

    Talk Yer Crap Thread

    Imagine taking Andrew Luck in the 15th round to give TnP to your team. Imagine taking a kicker in the mid rounds.... Im guilty. Imagine taking zeke at 4 and then somebody else getting the handcuff like eight rounds later. Imagine taking Mahomes in the 3rd round. Imagine thinking Fournett...
  16. Burque

    Betting novice

    I've never been much of a gambler, but I'm curious about the basics. What sites are the best/safest? What are you looking for in a bet? Do you favor long odds where Vegas is holding against the money, contrarian style or taking the easy money bets and trying to avoid outliers. What's your...
  17. Burque

    LEAST regrettable purchase you have ever made.

    In contrast to the most regrettable thread what is a purchase that you've made that has either turned out better than expected or has really helped you out over the long term. I will start. Any house I have ever bought has been worth it. Quality tools. I have had cheap shit and I have paid...
  18. Burque

    The UDFA thread

    I looked on the first couple of pages and didn't see one. Here is a tracking link, that will be more up to date than anything I am going to maintain...
  19. Burque

    ***OFFICIAL*** Keto Favorite Eats and Recipes Thread

    So being Keto currently I am always bopping around the internet looking for new stuff that I can make that is KETO friendly. I am sure you can find any recipe you want online, but this is a place to share your favorite recipes, or your go to snacks things that make life in Keto more tolerable...
  20. Burque

    Potential Cure for Cancer

    I would be really surprised and impressed if this was completed rolled out and used to eradicate cancer from the planet.