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  1. dennehy

    Hicks trade talk is back

    Your reading skills are bad.
  2. dennehy

    Justin Fields signed

    It's always slot money for draftees. I think even the signing bonuses are pretty regulated.
  3. dennehy

    Hicks trade talk is back

    Hicks isn't what holding up a Robinson extension. Extending Robinson would lower his cap hit a bunch for 2021.
  4. dennehy

    Hicks trade talk is back

    Not sure, because they are probably going to sign at least a couple nid-high level FAs next year and probably won't lose many high priced FAs.
  5. dennehy

    Hicks trade talk is back

    Clearing that $ would allow the Bears to sign at least one and probably two contributing FAs at OT or CB or whatever. Plus you'd get a pick. Losing Hicks would hurt, obviously, but this is 95% his last Bears year anyway.
  6. dennehy

    Illini BB

    99.9%, fine. But it's all but done.
  7. dennehy

    Illini BB

    So if he's a star recruiter which star recruits has he landed? I'm happy with the hire, very happy. Not sure why you feel the need to engage in this hyperbole though. Antigua is a star recruiter.
  8. dennehy

    Our HOF manager.

    Yeah he said with all the games coming up that Lynn would probably be going on three days rest rather than puling up Stiever or someone.
  9. dennehy

    Illini BB

    Draft, but I'm not sure NBA.
  10. dennehy

    White Sox favorites to land Cuban prospect

    It's been a done deal for a long time, he just can't sign until January.
  11. dennehy

    Illini BB

    Kofi is leaving.
  12. dennehy

    Gem wasted

    Leaving Marshall in for a second inning, after he got out of the 8th through luck and was facing the meat of the order, was basically giving up the game by the drunkard.
  13. dennehy

    Where do you rank David Montgomery at RB?

    He is: Cheap generally available, especially given his workload solid ball security can competently run, run routes and catch, and block, and I'd say he's a bit above average at each I don't think any team benefits from signing RBs to big long term deals, so these are the traits I look for...
  14. dennehy

    Rookie Mini-Camp Day 2

    White Palace Grill on Roosevelt and Canal is open 24-7 and is great. There are dozens of other places like that around the city. Waffle House is great and for what it is, it's a treasure. But there is way, way better brekky and diner food in Chicago.
  15. dennehy

    Rookie Mini-Camp Day 2

    Smothered, covered and chunked.
  16. dennehy

    Love video: rookie camp presser, fields Jenkins etc

    I'm very excited to hear which skyscraper is Jenkins favorite.
  17. dennehy

    Sorry boys.. this defense is still nasty.

    A better offense that can get the lead and control game flow will be the best thing for this defense. It's very tough to be a statistically strong defense when your offense can't stay on the field or score.
  18. dennehy

    ***OFFICIAL*** 2021 Chicago White Sox season thread

    Huge series coming up, they could bury the Twins or give them the boost they need to get back on track.
  19. dennehy

    Illini BB

    I don't think he's ever been on a staff (not even as lead recruiter, but on a staff) that has signed a consensus top 75 player. Of course part of that is out of his control, but he will need to do that at UI to be successful as a recruiter.