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  1. Rush

    I've updated my sig....

    Just wanted to pass on that I have officially updated my signature. For many moons it has been Truthbisky......the truth came out and he fucking sucks. Ride the FOLESTRAIN all the way to the Super Bowl baby. Hope everybody here has been doing great. Adjusting to life with a 3 year old, booming...
  2. Rush

    Bear Forum is time to unite....

    If you've seen the stickied thread about the Khalil Mack Donation thread. The donation has shipped and Edible Arrangements to the Raiders front office is slated to arrive to them tomorrow in Alameda, CA. If you can - please email, tweet, etc. anybody in the Chicago Media and/or the Oakland...
  3. Rush

    CCS Giveaway vs VIKINGS : 11/18

    Another Gameday Giveaway. Today we'll be giving away a Winter Hat/Toboggan/Beanie of Choice to a donator and a Mitch Please Shirt to a non-donator. Hats --->...
  4. Rush

    CCS GIVEAWAY ::: HoF Autographed Mini-Helmet......[CLOSED]

    Bears vs Lions Gameday Giveaway! Going to be giving away a Mike Singletary Mini-Helmet to 1 Lucky Donator. All you have to do to guess the final score of the Bears/Lions game. Whoever comes the closest will win. If a tiebreaker is needed...please also include who on the Bears will lead the team...
  5. Rush

    Upgrading Server Soon

    Upgrading the server, we've been on the same one with upgrades. Just purchased a new server, will begin migration in the near future. Should improve any random downtime from game day.
  6. Rush

    New Skins

    Yo guys - Bottom left corner of your screen (desktop) you can change the "style/skin" of the site. We have a main version with an athlete from all teams but then we also have specific team banners when you pop into a new team forum. Should we have the different team banners auto populate when...
  7. Rush

    What Bears Players have you met?

    What current and past players have you met? Who was awesome and who wasn't? From the 2 years I went to Bears training camp as "Media" - got to chat with Matt Forte, Shaun Draughn, Jordan Lynch, Julius Peppers, Brandon Marshall, Jerry Azumah, Brad Maynard. Outside of that opportunity, haven't...
  8. Rush

    Who has kids?

    Just curious how many of you have Children? I have a 1 year old, that will be 2 in March. Absolutely love being a parent and admittedly it has taken all of my free time. I don't understand what life was like before my son was born. Anybody have kids on the way? Grandfathers?
  9. Rush


    Figured I would post the gameday giveaway thread early to give more people time to see it instead of on game day in the thick of it. Going to be giving away a 30oz Tumbler + Shirt to a Donating Member and a Shirt to a non-donating member chosen at random. TO BE ENTERED TO WIN - YOU MUST...
  10. Rush

    Who did you dislike....that you now like?

    Who is a poster who you may have argued with or didn't like their posts but now you do. *Insert joke I disliked all of you and still do.
  11. Rush

    New Post Awards

    If you got one, you should have received a PM. Feel free to drop some suggestions. 1,000 Posts 5,000 Posts 10,000 Posts 20,000 Posts 30,000 Posts CCS Staff CCS Subscriber *INFO COMING SOON* CCS Donator OG Member - Registered in 2010 Gameday Giveaway Winner
  12. Rush

    CCS Gameday Giveaway - Week 4 vs Tampa Bay

    Yo guys. Continuing the giveaways as a thank you to all who use the site. To enter all you have to do is POST in this thread. Today we'll be giving away to 1 lucky donator a New Era Bears hat of their choice. Just using this image because I dig it myself. 1 non-donator will win a Mitch Please...
  13. Rush

    CCS Tailgaters - Soldier Field Tailgating

    Have seen a couple threads of new members from outside of Chicago asking where to tailgate. I was surprised to see so many CCS folks who tailgate, have met each other, etc. Who all tailgates at the stadium? Best practices? Best spots? I'm going to try and make a game myself.
  14. Rush

    CCS GAMEDAY GIVEAWAY : "Mitch Please T-Shirt"

    Hey Guys - As promised - the video ad units on the site are bringing in actual revenue vs just paying for the hosting. We want to start doing some game day giveaways as something cool to do each week but also as a thank you for using the site. We will have 2 winners. 1 will be randomly chosen...
  15. Rush

    Were you Team Grossman or Team Orton?

    I've seen a couple references to the good ole days of the Orton/Grossman wars. Which side were you on and why?
  16. Rush

    Besides this 1 play...what is your biggest WTF BEARS moment?

    Besides Conte blowing the coverage and letting Randall Cobb score that division clinching I am guessing that will be most #1 answers.... What is your biggest WTF BEARS!?!?!?! moment?
  17. Rush

    New Mods

    Yo - For those that don't venture outside of this forum, just posted in the announcements forum about some new mods. Bow down to your new overlords Jamius Vu oober FirstTimer These 3 gentlemen have applied to help moderate the Bears forum. With how much activity it gets, there was...
  18. Rush

    Welcome to the NEW MODS

    We have been needing an infusion of new mods for awhile and I'm glad that these guys wanted to contribute to the site and have it in a better direction. I am still awaiting to hear from the most suggested mod for the Cubs forum and I made a post looking for one in the White Sox forum. If you...
  19. Rush

    White Sox Mod

    If anybody would want to apply to be the White Sox mod, we're looking to have somebody help keep this place more tidy/active. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  20. Rush

    How did you get into posting on Forums?

    How did you discover them? What was the first one? MaddenMania for me. Then went through a couple forums, created my own Madden one, etc. Eventually turned into creating my own Chicago Sports one. Started looking for info on Madden 2001 or possibly earlier.