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  1. Rush

    Nagy Expected to Return per Rapoport

    Thought the same exact thing. That was horrid.
  2. Rush

    What Are You Playing Right Now? (Gaming Thread)

    Still playing CoD Black Ops Cold War - tag is "Bruh69" if anybody wants to play
  3. Rush

    Nagy Expected to Return per Rapoport

    If we get thrashed, I could expect this report to change.
  4. Rush


    That was an awesome video. Had me pretty pumped vs "fuck we got Rodgers with implications"
  5. Rush

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Packers (Win 2 Get IN Edition)

    Bears win, Mitch has a career game.
  6. Rush

    Mitch Gawds Last Ride?

    Mitch will summon his inner Rex and throw 5 TDs, 3 of which will surprisingly go to Bernard Berrian.
  7. Rush

    How did you find ChiCitySports.Com ?

    I think you'll fit in.
  8. Rush

    Jay Cutler For Head Coach

    This isn't the best idea. But it also isn't the worst. I'm sure they could find bigger ways to fuck it up. You have my vote.
  9. Rush

    The Last Dance Thread

    I'm gonna need a lot more than 10 episodes.
  10. Rush

    I've updated my sig....

    I like that you used the word "whomst"
  11. Rush

    I've updated my sig....

    Absolutely, want me to hit anybody else on the way out?
  12. Rush

    Upgraded sever

    This server is faster than Dez White. I'm for it.
  13. Rush

    I've updated my sig....

    Who said anything about bi-annual? Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  14. Rush

    I've updated my sig....

    May have been around the 6 TD game. Definitely questionable judgement looking back.
  15. Rush

    I've updated my sig....

    Just wanted to pass on that I have officially updated my signature. For many moons it has been Truthbisky......the truth came out and he fucking sucks. Ride the FOLESTRAIN all the way to the Super Bowl baby. Hope everybody here has been doing great. Adjusting to life with a 3 year old, booming...
  16. Rush

    The Last Dance Thread

    Absolutely loving this so far. Can't wait for Sunday night.
  17. Rush

    ***2020 NFL Draft Day 2 IGT***

    Holding out hope for a lesser known TE from a D2 school.
  18. Rush

    Your Lifetime Top 10 Bears

    1.) Devin Hester 2.) Brian Urlacher 3.) Mike Brown 4.) Charles Tillman 5.) Matt Forte 6.) Lance Briggs 7.) Julius Peppers 8.) Khalil Mack 9.) Tarik Cohen 10.) Thomas Jones
  19. Rush

    Bears jersey leak

    Anything with a 52 or a Mack on it......I dig