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    One of us. One of us.

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    OT - Cutler on Waddle & Silvy

    Mostly not football related, but kind of an enjoyable interview. Jay seems a LOT happier now.
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    Matt Bowen on Fields

    Good stuff as usual
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    That's all I've got. Fucking amazing. Add some late round gems now.
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    So who thinks we had the steal of the draft?

    I ran into this quote from a recently linked PFF article Who agrees with the bolded? I'm fully on the Fields train. CHOOOOCHOOOOOOO motherfuckers.
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    How do you watch the draft?

    I guess this could be a poll, but there could be quite a few options. For me, I'll probably watch the first round until the Bears pick and then rounds 2-3 same thing. The rest of it I'll just check later to see what they do in later rounds. When it used to be on Saturday / Sunday I would...
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    GOAT Snacks

    What you got? I'll get this rolling with cajun boiled peanuts. People in the south know what I'm talking about...
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    I have the sudden urge to start building shit. I don't have a ton of tools, but probably enough to reasonably get started - drill, impact driver, sander, miter saw, circular saw, etc. Gonna pick up some clamps and other random shit over the weekend. I'll most likely add more tools like a router...
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    Sunday Funday - What's on deck?

    Since we have this weekend "off", what are your plans for Sunday? Still watching football? Something else?
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    Nick Foles being Nick Foles

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    Just me, or was the officiating particularly horrible today?

    Super happy that the Bears came away with a W, but ffs, the officiating seemed particularly horrible today. Between non-calls, roughing the passer, TDs called back and penalties generally overall this game was a lot closer than it should have been IMO. I don't like griping about this sort of...
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    Gameday Food Week 1 (Not to be confused with FOODBLOG)

    I don't have time to go all in and make this amazing week 1 like @HeHateMe usually does, but here is what I'm doing for tomorrow. Base recipe: Substitutions: - Replace the water with beef broth - Double up on the...
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    Trash Food Guilty Pleasures

    I recently heard that Taco Bell is taking Mexican pizza off their menu in November. I haven't eaten one of those things in over a decade, but now I have the sudden desire to go get one like every week for the next 2 months. Regardless, to the point of the thread. What's are your trash food...
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    Eddie Jackson breaks down some film

    Not sure if this was already posted here, just ran across it today...
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    Anyone else having problems on mobile?

    Occasionally the bottom ad position interferes with my keyboard on mobile and closes it while I'm in the middle of a reply. Chrome on Android. Anyone else having this problem? cc: @zack54attack
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    PSA - Please Stop Posting Politically Charged Stuff In The Bears Forum

    We have a subforum to talk about things of this nature, please post anything politically related here: This also applies if it is Bears related, but it pushes into political territory. E.g. The Bears org...
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    Schmitz Foles Video

    Worth a watch. Sorry if already posted, didnt see it.
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    Fun Safety Facts

    The D is gonna be nasty this year. Only real question is at CB, and hoping Jaylon Johnson can step in and contribute immediately. Hicks, Mack & Quinn are gonna straight up terrorize mothefuckers.
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    OT - Gronk faked retirement to avoid going to the Lions Also, his laugh. Lol.
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    Latest Coronavirus Project: Outside TV

    I thought about doing this in the AT&T thread since there was a lot of talk about streaming devices and cord cutting...but what I'm trying to do is a little different. I've got this older LCD TV that I don't really have a use for, or really care if it gets damaged by weather, so I was thinking...