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  1. playthrough2001

    La Russa napping again...

    He didn’t realize he didn’t have to let Hendriks run in the 10th inning because he didn’t know the rule allowing him to bypass a pitcher in that situation. He had Garcia steal in a 1st and 3rd situation with one out and the pitcher on third. The Reds promptly threw out Garcia because they had...
  2. playthrough2001

    Rodon and Cease Filthy Today

    Both guys were great today. They covered 13 of the 14 innings of the double header. This is how you treat a doormat team. Also, nice to see Vaughn starting to hit the baseball too. I wonder if Tony was awake for the whole thing today????
  3. playthrough2001

    Things I Believe About This Draft...

    The best non QBs in this draft are Penei Sewell, Kyle Pitts and Micah Parsons. I think Zach Wilson will be the best QB. There will be plenty of value to be found in the pool of 2020 Covid opt outs. Teams will need to dig deep and the best area scouts will be even more valuable than usual in...
  4. playthrough2001

    Explosion Scores and possible Bear draft targets

    Pat Kirwan a former NFL personnel executive came up with a simple system that he uses to evaluate draft talent and confirm what he sees on a prospect’s tape. His explosion score is based on adding a player’s numbers from the bench press, broad jump and vertical jump. Anything 70 or above is...
  5. playthrough2001

    Rodon is Back

    Carlos has been a huge disappointment. Between the injuries and inconsistent performances when healthy, he’s hardly been anywhere near the player the Sox thought they drafted. This one year prove it deal may spark better results. He better hope so because his career is starting to slip away...
  6. playthrough2001

    The weak close to the season doesn’t matter

    The real season starts today. The bullpen is back to full strength and they added Crochet who looks like a legitimate weapon. The Sox have two high end starters in Lucas and Dallas. This team can mash the ball, they have two excellent catchers and they have improved defensively. They can...
  7. playthrough2001

    Recent Observations on the Sox

    These guys were so excited about taking 3 of 4 from the Twins, they forgot they still had to play out the season. Robert - Great prospect but he has to get a clue about discipline in his approach and have a basic understanding of the strike zone. He can’t square mistakes right now either...
  8. playthrough2001

    Big Nickel Package

    The Bears are going to watch the tape and realize Trevathan was beaten in coverage like a rented mule Sunday. The Lions tried to exploit him as much as possible including the Swift drop. They have to consider mixing in Bush because he can handle run support and is infinitely better covering...
  9. playthrough2001

    No Hitter for Giolito

    Great performance tonight! That last out was scary. His change was nasty. He’s an easy guy to cheer for. He seems like a really thoughtful young guy. His career turnaround continues on.
  10. playthrough2001

    Dodged a Bullet? (Delpit)

    I realize there was concern on the board from some posters about Pace and the Bears passing on Grant Delpit the LSU Safety. Unfortunately, he tore his Achilles tendon and is out for the season. He went the pick after Kmet which kind of magnified the fact Pace passed on him. However, even if...
  11. playthrough2001

    Numbers say don’t count out Trubisky - Hub

    Hub wrote this article in the Daily Herald but now it is not online there. There is plenty of common sense by Hub. Is he wrong? I know the pitchforks are out in full force for Trubisky.
  12. playthrough2001

    The Late Start: Does it Make the Rotation Better?

    With a shortened season possibly starting in July does that put seven legitimate starters in play for 5 spots? The extra time has to help both Rodon and Kopech get back in the picture. That kind of competition has to make the rotation better. It certainly will add depth.
  13. playthrough2001

    Lining up in 12

    The two tight end set is a critical factor in the Reid offense. Last year the Eagles utilized 12 more than any other team. The world champs were 5th. The Bears were dead last. I don't think Nagy doesn’t like the concept, he didn’t have the personnel. Now he has flexibility because they...
  14. playthrough2001

    Isaiah Irving Re-signed

    1 year deal... No number yet. Apparently he did have some other interest around the league.
  15. playthrough2001

    Give Me a List Of Players You Would Target at 43 and 50

    The Bears have the potential to get two good prospects at 43 and 50. Please list players in that range that you would like to see drafted and try to be realistic. My list: Lucas Niang OT, TCU Lloyd Cushenberry C, LSU Cesar Ruiz G, Michigan Jaylon Reagor WR, TCU Denzel Mims WR, Baylor Kyle...
  16. playthrough2001

    Javon Wims Should be Ready for the Packers

    He revealed his status to an Uber driver that didn’t know who he was.
  17. playthrough2001

    Is Ozuna signing with the Sox Tomorrow?

    There is a report he’ll be here to sign tomorrow. Bruce Levine says no. He has a decent bat but his defense has fallen off considerably and he would have to play right field.
  18. playthrough2001

    Grandal to the White Sox

    That’s a good move. Now go get some veteran starting pitching and a right fielder.
  19. playthrough2001

    Who is going to the game tonight?

    We'll be out in the South Lot ready to go at 3:20 pm. I hope not too many fans sold their tickets today. Cheese heads are not my favorite opposing fans. Fat asses packed into tight green and gold outfits is not a great look.
  20. playthrough2001

    Give me five you're going to focus on Thursday night

    Preseason is the time to see what young guys have improved and get a take on the rookies. What 5 guys intrigue you? 1. Duke Shelley - He has the physical traits to replace Callahan and I'm sure Skrine is going to get every benefit of the doubt but this guy has really caught the eye of the...