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  1. bearmick

    Will Erdmann play in 2021?

    I don't think Dalton will be bad, but even if he is I don't see them pulling the chain this year. But I hope Erdmann develops fast enough to start in year two. Can't wait to see him play. He's going to be surprisingly good for us.
  2. bearmick

    Are the Bears the worst big market franchise in professional sports?

    I think it's arguable.
  3. bearmick


    Up until recently, there were only five people in our office, two of whom were female. Accordingly, the men's restroom (one pisser and two stalls) was almost always vacant. Recently we've had four additional men come over from our other building. I've never seen a group of people with such...
  4. bearmick

    I still love and miss Rex Grossman

    He was a great Bear. He would have been a great NFL star had his legs and confidence not been destroyed by injuries early in his promising career. And don't get me started on his sublime deep ball. If only you could make a hybrid of Sexy and 4.
  5. bearmick

    Mike Richardson arrested on murder charges
  6. bearmick

    How do you listen to the post game show on 670?

    When i listen on the app it's just a national CBS broadcast.
  7. bearmick


    Go Lovie.
  8. bearmick

    Trestman > Nagy

    His 2013 offense was much better than Nagy's 2018 offense. The win difference is because Nagy had the best defense in the league getting turnovers left and right (and an easy schedule) whereas Trestman was saddled with an atrocious defense. Trestman lost his job because he lost the team, which...
  9. bearmick

    Damning indictment of Nagy on the Score

    Lawrence Holmes just asked for one player that has improved under Nagy this year. The only thing anyone could come up with is the kicker position, and that's not even the same player. The talent level, as varying as it is across different positions, is the same as it was last year, but nobody...
  10. bearmick

    The last time the Bears played London

    Featured the coolest play in British NFL history. Good 'ol 22 causing two Bucs defenders to run into each other like a roadrunner and coyote scene.
  11. bearmick

    Sage Rosenfels on the Score

    Very complimentary about CD's running of the offense. Knowing the system so well, being a pocket passer, and having good timing are all things he says helps a limited talent like him execute this offense efficiently. Really seemed to emphasize the timing aspect, and while he didn't explicitly...
  12. bearmick

    Three good things about today

    1) 1-1. I think at 0-2 the season has a huge uphill climb to it, especially with the Packers at 2-0 and looking better than most people expected. 2) Pineiro. What a storybook day for him, after all the pressure of the endless kicking competition and the media focus, to start the season 4 for...
  13. bearmick

    Ryan Tannehill

    That's the comp at this point isn't it?
  14. bearmick

    Why is Trubisky so bad?

  15. bearmick

    More red meat for the outraged Green Bay over Chicago in the NFC North. I’m betting on Aaron Rodgers, healthy and presumably challenged by Matt LaFleur, over Mitchell Trubisky. The Bears’ defense could be the NFL’s best...
  16. bearmick

    Salary cap

    I like having a salary cap because the parity is good for the league. It sucks when the wealthiest teams can just sign anyone they want. Having said that, I do think there's something less than ideal when teams have to lose their own players due to cap issues. That's why I think there...
  17. bearmick


    The man who picked up the fledgling Bears running game in Super Bowl XX by heroically rushing for two TDs on the biggest stage. QB Jim McMahon turns 60 today. Denny's reported no bookings; I imagine Jim just goes in whenever the fuck he wants.
  18. bearmick

    Weed vs oil

    I've always been kinda old school and smoked buds, but I just finally bought a pen and am trying out the oil more. I've had oil plenty times before from other people, but never had it myself or smoked a ton of it. Smoked it after work last night and went out to the bar. My pool game is...
  19. bearmick


    FFS. I know sports fans aren't exactly up there with astronomers as an overall average IQ, but why can't Bears fans spell their own players' names? McGown, Jefferies, Trevathon. I don't get it. The man's name is Trevathan with an "a". Kindly get your shit together.