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  1. BearDownTexas

    Trubisky quote from 2017 vs Fields quote

    Booing Trubisky would break him. Again.
  2. BearDownTexas

    Uh oh Leno....

    Ryan Pace is not "fired up" about Leno.
  3. BearDownTexas

    Teven Jenkins, RT

    I could not be any happier with this draft. This is a very strange feeling.
  4. BearDownTexas

    Who do you like tomorrow?

    Jenkins / cosmi and I would be ecstatic.
  5. BearDownTexas

    ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - DAY 1

  6. BearDownTexas

    Who’s your stay @ 20 no trade back guy?

    One more for Jenkins.
  7. BearDownTexas

    Bears twitter rubbing salt in the wound.

    That lower case "L" just looks like a "1". They'll fix it I'm sure.
  8. BearDownTexas

    How far has Pace set this franchise back?

    Further than Matt Nagy's hairline.
  9. BearDownTexas


    The Ginge Minge.
  10. BearDownTexas


    Red rocket works
  11. BearDownTexas

    Real possibility in draft

    Too tan. Won't happen.
  12. BearDownTexas

    Were the Bears to trade for Wilson, are you prepared to lose Hicks and Fuller?

    Draft capital, money, our hopes and future.....etc.
  13. BearDownTexas

    Were the Bears to trade for Wilson, are you prepared to lose Hicks and Fuller?

    I think if you want a chance in hell of landing someone like Russell Wilson, you gotta be prepared to give up something you don't want to give up. And we all know how pace likes to give shit away....
  14. BearDownTexas

    1000 Posts For Watson

    No....the guy to his left.
  15. BearDownTexas

    Press Conference at 10

    No one is fired. Nothing changes. The bears will continue to have excellent practices. Yay.
  16. BearDownTexas

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Saints (IN Without The Win: Better Lucky Than Good Edition)

    This is an absolutely HORRENDOUSLY coached football team. High school teams have more discipline. FFS....
  17. BearDownTexas

    Packer Trash Talk

    I think Rodgers is going to be hit a few times in this one. Hopefully extremely hard, but legally 😁
  18. BearDownTexas

    GB LT out for year

    Karma is apparently fat.