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  1. hebs

    Rookies report to camp - July 24

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    Jaylon Johnson on the Jim Rome show

    What are the odds that JJ stays healthy for all 17 games this year??
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    Solar Setups

    Yeah, Jackery is a Cali based company. They are one of the standards that most compare to. They're pricey but they are high quality. I’m definitely looking forward to tapping into the trailer power, just to make everything easier.
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    Solar Setups

    Awesome setup! I’m keeping mine small and mobile for now since it’s mostly for my overlanding trailer/camping. At some point I would like a permanent power station on the trailer, but I’m going to play and experiment with this setup first.
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    Solar Setups

    Any of you guys running solar on your camping setups? I’m starting off simple. The initial requirement is to simply run my 12v fridge/freezer (45-50w draw) and maybe some lights while I’m out for several days at a time. My current setup is a jackery 500, a 120w RockPals folding solar panel, a...
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    So I should start Mooney in game 2 this year. Got it!
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    Justin fields against all odds

    This is bigger than Watson’s hype train going into 2017. Did the football stars finally align? (please please please…) lol. Nothing could bring back that childhood like excitement more than if he turned out to be an all pro franchise QB.
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    Robinson unlikely to be extended before deadline

    It’s a gamble by both parties. If AR plays and puts up his career average’s with Fields… then he is what he is and Pace will move on and try to replace him via the draft and free agency in his typical double down approach. (Most likely) If there’s a noticeable chemistry and Robinson puts up...
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    Low blow or not?

    Congrats to him. A little young to go all in.... hope it lasts.
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    Eddie working out

    News Flash... Aaron Rodgers will play QB for the Packers despite all of his whiny lip service Eddie Goldman will play for the Bears this year Carry on....
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    Thoughts on David Montgomery this year?

    In a 16 team league, he was my #2 then #1 RB towards the end of the season. Got me to the 2nd round of the playoffs.
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    Thoughts on David Montgomery this year?

    Against the Ram's defense? lol However... the interior o-line won't be the same. Hell... it wasn't even the same from the beginning, middle or end of last year. I think the run game will be improved and all of the RB's will benefit, but I don't think Monty will put up much better stats than...
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    X Factor on Offense/Defense

    These are merely hopes... not expectations... Kindle Vildor... If he can step up and lock down a starting CB position... the pass defense may not be a sieve. on offense... Sam Mustipher... If he can take over the interior Oline and some how make it a strength... the offense could go places...
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    Trevor Lawrence is twice the QB that Justin Fields is

    I hope both QB's turn out to be great. The NFL needs a shift in power...
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    Chicago Bears Film Review: Where Cole Kmet must improve as a blocker Chicago Bears Film Review: Where Cole Kmet must improve as a blocker When the Chicago Bears drafted Cole Kmet they did so with the idea that they now have a player who can impact not only the passing game but the ground...
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    Christian Jones brings underrated value to Chicago Bears defense

    He played both roles for the Lions. I don’t think it would be far fetched, or much of a learning curve tbh.
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    Christian Jones brings underrated value to Chicago Bears defense Jones returns to Bears driven to prove himself When he reconnected with a few former Bears teammates at safety Deon Bush's wedding in February, Christian Jones had no idea he'd be rejoining them in Chicago. The...
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    Christian Jones brings underrated value to Chicago Bears defense

    Christian Jones brings underrated value to Chicago Bears defense When the Chicago Bears signed Christian Jonesthere was not much made of it. He is a depth player who has been with the Bears before, so it got...
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    Monty, 13th best RB in the league Rank 13 David Montgomery Chicago Bears · Third season 2020 stats: 15 games | 247 att | 1,070 rush yds | 4.3 ypc | 8 rush TDs | 54 rec | 438 rec yds | 2 rec TDs Montgomery came on strong late...
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    Move the Sticks 360: Justin Fields

    Now… who else has seen this? I’ve got to admit. It’s quite the pump up video. (You’ll have to go to YouTube to watch) Interviews with Justin’s former coach, Trent Dilfer, JK Dobbins and more.