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  1. BearClaw55

    Tom Brady Played with a torn MCL
  2. BearClaw55

    Justin Fields Wants To Start
  3. BearClaw55

    Washington hates their QBs Trying to get their QBs put in a sling.
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    Tony Buzbee Lying about Police Reports The cracks are starting to show in this smear Watson campaign.
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    Watson is sticking to his guns

    Make it happen Pace!!!
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    Eagles don’t feel fair offer received for Wentz I think Pace has been fleeced enough & has learned his lesson. The Eagles are most likely asking for much more then Wentz is worth.
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    The Bears So So Record is Fools Gold

    The Bears played 9 games against teams that finished with a losing record & they still needed a Cards loss to get into the playoffs. With the defense gradually getting worse & a regime that doesn’t know how to build an explosive offense. No way should Pace & Nagy return.
  8. BearClaw55

    I think Trubisky’s sack has dropped!

    He is playing like a QB with nothing to lose. Hopefully he can get the Bears into the playoffs & make me take back every bad thing I’ve said about him. On another note the defense has switched personalities with Trubisky.
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    Ostrowski Lights Pace Up! “He walked in saying, ‘I’m going to draft a quarterback every single year. Yeah, that’s what you should do if you don’t have that position figured out. It’s so important...
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    Why is the Bears Organization Afraid Of Successful People ?

    As we Bear fans have watched the Bears struggle to select the right, GMs, HCs and QBs. Many have stated that the Bears just aren't able to find the right person\QB for the position but, in many cases the right selection was staring them right in the face. In 2012 the Bears were searching to...
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    We have a kicker!

    Cairo Santos has been the real money!!! It’s time to give Eddy Pineiro his walking papers & use that spot on another position.
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    35 YDS Rushing SMH

    Early in the year it seemed as if the oline was going to be better this year but, after playing some better teams. It looks as if the oline is no better than last year. I know that everyone wants to blame Nagy for not running the ball (and I do believe he has a tendency to abandon then run) but...
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    What happened to Club Dub?

    I noticed the Bears haven’t opened Club Dub after their last two wins. Or are they closing it to the media to keep the target off their back?
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    QB Competition Tracker

    It’s all about the QB position! After day 1 it was reported that Nick Foles has a slight edge. Please keep us posted on QB competition news & updates.
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    Nick Foles has the play book down already

    Nick Foles says it’s like riding a bike. Is Trubisky still working on mastering play clock awareness?
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    RIP Michael McCaskey

    RIP Michael McCaskey Wow wonder if it was COVID-19
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    James Jones: Chicago Bears 'Super Bowl contenders' with quarterback Derek Carr

    James Jones: Chicago Bears would become 'Super Bowl contenders' with quarterback Derek Carr Make it happen Pace!
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    Jalen Hurts has wheels!

    "Jalen Hurts registers fastest 40-yard dash among all QBs at 2020 NFL Combine" 4.59 40-yard dash time. Would you select him with one of the 2nd round picks?
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    Lynch built a SB team in 3 years

    In 2017 San Fran earned the #2 draft spot & the Bears were in the #3 spot. Within three years Lynch & Shanny have put together a SB team. In five years Pace hasn’t put together a one game playoff winner. Smh
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    Jason Garrett gone...

    Should we add Jason Garrett to the Bears OC candidate list?