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    Here's an Intriguing Name

    Pat Fitzgerald would be interested in leaving Northwestern to coach the beloved. What are your opinions? Is college to NFL too big of a leap for him?
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    The negatives only thread.

    - Waiting on Mitch's potential is going to get a lot of people fired. - Danny T. in man coverage was exploited like a runaway girl in a whore house. - Getting gashed by Old Man Peterson exposed the fact that there is no Goldman replacement on the roster. Just not stout enough upfront. May...
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    Allen Robinson Breaks Down His Own Game Film

    Great video for my film geeks out there. Good stuff. Enjoy!
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    Peter King Ranks Bears at 17 in Latest Power Rankings 17. Chicago (8-8) Good on GM Ryan Pace and coach Matt Nagy to address the elephant in the room by trading for Nick Foles, who might have been the perfect veteran quarterback candidate for the Bears. Foles...
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    The Last Dance - Matt Forte & Bears Drama

    I guess the documentary spark some old issues Matt Forte had during his play career. He decided to air out his issues with Bears management via Twitter.
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    Kyler Murray vs. Jalen Hurts

    Honest question. Can someone please explain to me what the hell is the difference between these to players? Kyler Murray Passing Stats: TEAM GP COMP - ATT - PCT - YDS - TD ‐ INT OU '18 - 14 - 260 - 377 -...